I like to call this game my league of legends because of how much of a love and hate relationship I have with it. Overwatch was my first fps game when I first got a Xbox next to Fortnite and it was a great experience to play through despite being very naive to fps. And then I picked it back up around ow2 was closing in to release. And that's when everything went to shit.
This game is like an abusive parent that picks you up after they just drop kicked you to the ground and they say everything is going to be alright and proceeds to dropkick you again repeatedly (I do not actually have abusive parents). Blizzard higher ups absolutely ran this game through the ground with straight up lying to the audience with pve just to make a quick buck. Even with just regular overwatch and you ignore all the expensive cosmetics and stuff this game has been left in a state where no one is happy because the balancing team have no clue who to satisfy so they satisfy no one. I somehow made it to diamond in competitive before I ended up fully quitting the game due to the constant bad news the game was getting with updates I ended up never fully going back to the game which is a shame because this game on paper was such a missed opportunity. The characters are very iconic now (in some ways that shouldnt) and seem like a waste to not expand on them with pve content. This game is truly a fall from grace from what once was the goty of 2016

Reviewed on Jul 02, 2024