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Welcome to my haven! I often play videogames for aestheticism and whatnot, weird right? Could be counted as a jack-of-all trades so I am really, really unimpressing at everything. I often come here just because I find this place to be my own diary. This definitely means reviews are made by how much I was moved by what I have seen. The judgment often happens after an hour of playtime has passed, I feel. They will be expanded upon when I have the chance, of course. Also, my reviews on Steam may be ripped to here solely for more coverage on the piece of work because they deserve to be recognized with the genuine intentions coming from me. Excuse me if they sound sloppy, I’m still new to this sort of writing and I’m happy to improve. I always try my best to make them spoiler-free! I mostly play on PC but I grew up with consoles like the Gamecube and Playstation 2. Yeah, you can already believe I'm like a fruit fly.
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Season: A Letter to the Future

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Celebrating Bubble Tea

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Great narrative! The one wish, absolutely singular, is there to be a bit more areas.

Everything good and glorious has already been said many times about GTA V. There is no interpretation of what it is without losing the thrilling feel. At the end of the day, that is what you are looking for in this media.

Too sluggish for my interests. I liked the plot, world design and probably the enemy designs too. Can only leave it at that unfortunately...