I am a backer from the original crowdfunding back in 2015 ! I loved the demo, but when the game finally came out I never played past the first area somehow ... Finally decided to fully try this a few years later and wow
So yeah, visually it's gorgeous, musically too. Gameplay is very interesting (I played with Mouse+keybord), reminds me a bit of NieR. There's a lot of plateforming/parkour despite the top-down angle, and the areas are very fun to explore (although they tend to be a bit TOO large actually). Big dungeons with great puzzles and mechanics that can get quite hard. Great stuff really !
The story ends up being really good too, despite the SAO vibe haha. I think the game has interesting stuff to say about AI and virtual worlds. And I just love the characters, I don't even really know why but they just feel very human, in their interactions with each others.
It's a very inspiring game for me. They were multipe times where I had to actually stop playing because I couldn't focus because I just kept thinking about how inspiring it was ...

Reviewed on Mar 19, 2023