My favorite game in the series up to this point.
I was really involved in the story for once (the japanese intro helped a lot haha), loved the themes explored. That change of tone (vacation vibe, casual slice of life quests, spending time with the kids) felt great, and I love the overall mood of those early hours roaming through Ryukyu. I really enjoyed some particular sidequests, such as the murder mystery or the whole reaper storyline. Also Rikiya my beloved.
I've heard of people having a problem with the gameplay in this opus, but I didn't see it (I guess it's because I've never been necessarily fan of the combat system).
The pacing of game felt a bit off because of the sidequests, I think they give you access to too many at once, and I have this problem of wanting to see everything there is to see so I make sure to do every quest possible before following the main mission ...
Also as I've played the Kiwamis before, and not the original first two games, I now see how the remakes were a bit lazy in some parts. The passer-by NPCs seemed to have much more diversity, and they didn't really took the time to rebuild Kamurocho in the way it was supposed to look at the time of the game.

This game hypnothised me.
It's not a basic simulator like we used to see a lot imo. I think it actually has great feedback and even level-design, splitting the surface to clean into a lot of smaller items, each having their own "health".
Also has a fun story, being a pretext to clean even more stupider stuff. DLCs are very fun in that regard too


This review contains spoilers

Knew nothing about the game and I was baffled.
So it's a very cool Zelda 1-like where you are just thrown in there and you must figure out what to do by yourself. Loved the inclusion of an old-school manual being it's own ingame thing, full of secrets if you look at it closely ( I actually spent a few hours trying to decipher the made-up language (did not succeed) ); And that feeling when you discover an ability you had since the very beginning but you didn't know because you just never tried it. The world ends up being very coherent, and overall it's a game that makes you feel very intelligent haha.
The second third of the game was a bit less interesting, more classing item-dungeon-boss, and the bosses are really not the best aspect of the game imo.
But in the final act there's this new mechanic à la The Witness and the game becomes incredible again.
(The ost is also really good, and the main artwork for the game was drawn by Aurahack and that makes me very happy to know that you can draw big tiddies online and still get some non-NSFW jobs haha)

I really really loved the exploration in there, although the world might actually be TOO big; there were multiple times were I got bored of the game and stopped playing for a few weeks. I especially loved the big dungeons like Stormveil Castle, Raya Lucaria, or Miquella's Haligtree.
I played the whole game with sword/shield and I had fun, even more at some endgame bosses like Mohg, Malenia, or Radagon; But I think I still prefer Sekiro's gameplay, which is the only other FromSoft game I've played. I get the appeal of letting the player choose their own build and style, but I often feel overwhelmed when there's many options like classes, weapons, skills ...
While the world is beautiful and feels carefully handcrafted, it still suffers from classic openworld problems : having the same points of interest copypasted multiple times with slight variations and scattered across the map, fighting the same ten minibosses in catacombs and caves ...
Speaking of openworld, I don't know if this is a hot take or not but I feel like it's really not perfect for these kinds of games with hard bosses with patterns to learn. I thought a lot about the balancing of the game during my playthrough : I never farmed EXP, but there was a whole part of the game where I was clearly overpowered. And when the game became hard again, I kept wondering whenever I struggled against a boss if I needed to just get good or if I was literally underpowered. These things don't really happen in a more linear game.
Overall I really really enjoyed this game, but reading about this actually being a revolution, I just don't see it. It's """"just"""" a very great game to me

Seeing a lot of "its a meme game" and really I don't agree; It's full of jokes about poop and hotdogs and monkeys, but it's also just a very fun rhythm game, with a lot of various tracks, and the game is being very frequently updated with new songs and QoL/accessibility features (maybe too much actually, the menus are starting to be a bit overwhelming)

Gameplay is good, and character animations are very smooth and polished. I was really not digging the art direction and chara-design at first, but I got used to it, there are a few characters that I find pretty.
Other than that, the story and characters are just very uninteresting to me. I straight-up hate the fact that you're playing as this Divine being, you just can't develop a proper casual relationship with the other characters. I dropped the game because I believe I met all the characters, and with no story to keep me engaged I didn't feel the need to play more after around 18 chapters or something. (Also I decided to play in classic / hard and I guess that's just not for me haha)
It's funny because after playing Three Houses I wanted a story structure more like Awakening : going on an adventure, travelling the world and recruiting new characters on every chapter. But now I realize that the 3H structure makes for deeper bonds between you and the characters.
( Didn't know where to add this but felt the need to mention it : the black girl being called "Misutira" in japanese, really; and the desert kingdom being full of colored NPCs yet amongst the 7 recruitables characters in here, 5 are white. Put a little more effort into this please )

A nice chill satisfying puzzle game that is really just my thing !
Very clean and pleasant pixelart and sound design. And a very cool example of storytelling through the gameplay and the environment.
It seems to be an unpopular opinion but I actually wished the game was longer haha


Chill exploration game with no combat and a beautiful art direction. I like the story being basically just "go meet people and find what you want to do with your life", tho the writing of the dialogues is a bit weird with the protagonist not directly speaking but like, saying that she is talking ?
Also I played the game at launch and it was full (like FULL) of bugs; I've seen that they did quite a few updates but I don't know exactly what was fixed.

This review contains spoilers

I was told this was similar to Outer Wilds and Return of the Obra Dinn so I had very high hopes, and while the similarities are there it just didn't grow on me.
The city has an overall cool atmosphere to it, it's really pretty and you really feel like exploring it. It's fun to experiment with the loop in the beginning, and the game has a few cool unique sequences.
But the mystery's resolution just did not live up to my expectations. ( After seeing the older "hells" buried under the city, I was expecting something more related to the succeeding civilizations and religions, or uh colonialism, imperialism, I don't know ) The true ending and the epilogue were just really not my thing.

This review contains spoilers

I've never played another game like that.
The falsely rhythm-based gameplay is unique and such a good idea + the big story/gameplay twist makes perfect sense. It's really addictive too, I often go back to the game to play a few bossfights.
The OST is full of bangers by different artists, and works even better ingame. Lots of creativity in its visuals too. And I really love the characters, they're all very fun !
And omg the finale is one of the greatest videogame sequence of all time really !! Having Reconciliation followed by Euthanasia Rollercoaster literally made me cry, and I loved the story despite not believing in life after death at all.
I remember the exact moment this game became one of my favorites, I want everyone to play this game.

I was really not familiar with SCP, Backrooms, or any other creepypastas really, so this kind of world was totally new to me and I loved it ! Tons of ideas and unique sequences, I really like how common objects can have their own semblance of personnality and be terrifying; gameplay is fun enough, and I noticed some interesting themes near the end of the game.

Both a very fun village-boat management game with a really beautiful hand-drawn art direction,
And a very human and touching story, really well written. I teared up a little at each and every character's farewell.

The more I think about this game, the more I love it and realize how unique it is.
Such an amazing feeling exploring this solar system, contemplating the infinite dark space with the beautiful score playing. So satisfying to unravel the mysteries and to understand what you need to do, especially when you need to be a little bold. There's a big sense of cohesion in this whole game.
The ending is really powerful and you can really feel that you're witnessing something big.
It's not my personnal favorite game of all time, yet I feel like it might the best game ever made, if that makes sense.
As for Echoes of the Eye, while it didn't feel that connected to the rest of the game, and I thought it was way harder both in its puzzles and just mechanically ; I still really enjoyed it, adds an interesting scenario, and the art direction is just fantastic.

I was very scared of playing this because I knew it has a lot of text and a crazy big skill tree.
First day ingame was horrible, I kept making bad decisions and throws and even got a game-over. Also the game talks about politics in a deep and serious way so I kinda felt like a kid in an adult game haha. I honestly thought I would just abandon it but at the end of the first day there's this discussion you have with Kitsuragi and he's being very nice and comprehensive and it put me in a good mood; So I just decided to go with the fact that I'm playing a pretty bad cop and continue with the game.
In the end I really liked it, beautiful art direction and visuals, I loved discovering more about the world. Tho I still probably didn't really understood all the themes and ideas of this game ...

While the gameplay can be a bit stiff (I think the plateforming is really not the best aspect of the game, there are a few collisions problem) I still enjoyed playing this game enough to do multiple playthroughs.
But more than gameplay, what stood out for me is the lore and its inspirations, the art direction, and the beautiful pixel art ! (I also really like discovering every new gore finishing move animation haha)
Really curious to see the sequel !