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With this being my first Metal Gear game I was very confused by everything from the story to the length.

Absolutely blown away by the love and work that Media Molecule put into this. "Art's Dream" is a surprising melding of shooting, platforming, and adventure genres, with a heavy-hitting story (and...music numbers).
An endless masterclass of creativity that shows off the engine spectacularly!
As a whole package, whether you're playing or creating, Dreams is an innovative achievement! Even surpassing the likes of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, it's well worth your time and money. I hope to find the time to create some cool stuff for the community in the future, especially for VR.

A game with good ideas and extremely flawed execution. This was my main shooter for almost 2 years. Parts of it were actually pretty great, but overall it was a mess of ideas that weren't fully baked. Feature creep also destroyed this game.

They were giving away either this and Pilotwings Resort when you bought a 3DS at GameStop, but they were all out of Pilotwings so I had to settle for this shit.

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