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I can’t believe I realized only like 5/6ths of the way through that I was feeding Rusty CHOCOLATE DONUTS. He LOVES them, and it was at Rusty Jr.‘s suggestion. I don’t know what to make of this. Couldn’t it have been like strawberry or something instead? Why dog-killing chocolate? Is Rusty immune to dog-killing foods? Is he the chosen one? Or is it gonna be like Phantom Thread but like with chocolate donuts. I mean there is apparently an alien invasion that happens after the events of the game, so who knows? This game rules.

Look, it’s rough around the edges, yes, but it’s just so much fun. I got to date HANGMAN ADAM PAGE IN THIS GAME. (Yes he did leave me for Thunder Rosa, but we’ll ignore that part). I really love how they handled Road to the Elite, it’s not too long to beat (which is refreshing compared to how long and dragged out WWE My Rise is) and it has some slice of life/management elements and it’s just so much fun! Learning about all the different food staples at the different restaurants, going on a date with Hangman Adam Page at said restaurant, getting booped by Kris Statlander, ya know? Is it buggy and unpolished? Yes. But did it make me somehow fall in love with AEW even more? Also yes.

Just feels absolutely awful to play compared to the original version. Like you’re both weighed down and have too much momentum at the same time (but it somehow doesn’t balance each other out). The original version has its own issues too, but it’s still better than this.