Just feels absolutely awful to play compared to the original version. Like you’re both weighed down and have too much momentum at the same time (but it somehow doesn’t balance each other out). The original version has its own issues too, but it’s still better than this.


This review contains spoilers

Tchia cut off a dude’s hand, jumped out of a plane, and gave him the finger on the way down. IM NOT JOKING. This game is wild.

I thought I was like solid at Tetris, but in order to actually enjoy this game I think I need a very easy mode cause 10 speed starting 60/90 lines in ain’t working for me. (Especially when it takes forever to get there.)
My heart rate seemed to stay stable, but I was also just dying too much for it to be a nice experience?
Edit/Addition: Really do think there should be a chill difficulty because I was not able to enjoy this game the way I wanted and I was suffering through it getting stuck every few levels. With a game that’s supposed to be a meditative journey, why not have a chill difficulty?? Having challenge for the other difficulties is perfectly fine, but why does changing the difficulty to easy literally change nothing!? I’m a complaining baby, but I think I still make a valid point. I was expecting a relaxing chill experience, kinda as advertised and ended up getting really frustrated and annoyed (not to mention some of the music really takes you out of it (by some I mean all of the ones with vocals)). It’s bad (like pretty bad) cheesy pop and I’m saying that as someone who enjoys very basic pop. All electronic instrumentals would’ve be fine, no? Either that or Madeleine McQueen should’ve been the one singing 🤷🏻‍♀️ Video game soundtrack QUEEN!

Why put all those characters in front of player 2 and then only let player one play as them? Don’t really care for generic purple reaper dude.

Honestly I would’ve been happy if this was just power washing the manor? That was a lot of fun. Power washing a dinosaur was pretty cool too though.

Really liked most of the levels, but that last one that was all nooks and crannies and details on one robot that was very hard to traverse was annoying.

What an interesting game. The worst Xbox port I’ve ever seen, in fact! Yet, this game cast a spell on me. This version (and just the game in general) is very flawed and glitched out, so much so that new game + doesn’t even work! Two achievements won’t pop no matter what you do. And this game is hyperspecific about some things and weirdly vague about others! But, despite its many, many flaws, many crashes and a broken game mode, I love it. The story is simple, sure, but the characters have so much charm. The art is incredible, and don’t even get me started on the music. This game hooked me like not many games have. It was so ingrained in me that I was dreaming about back attacks and combos! This game may be very, very flawed, but I love it nonetheless.

That princess peach cake level is hell.

The best Sonic game I’ve ever played.

I just find this game too frustrating to continue. I’m usually pretty good at not getting too annoyed at video games, but not with this one. It feels like there’s way too many variables in each round, and it doesn’t help that you have access to 5 people at a time to move. In Into the Breach it’s only 3 pilots you’re moving at a time, and it works in that game’s favor. Adds challenge, but works in perfect balance with the rest of the game. Here, I’m not really sure if it adds anything. It also doesn’t help that one wrong choice of who to move first could basically KO you in a way that seemed impossible (like pushing you five spaces into the void).This game also isn’t really meant for console either; the text is small, the game zooms out after like a chapter and it’s very disorienting (I couldn’t figure out how to zoom back in either).The tip menus also cover up the half of the screen, which makes me not want to use them. It also doesn’t help that the game basically randomizes your crew after every battle, which ended up costing me a quill (life), because I expected it to not just randomly change my MVP snail out of the crew!!! I was really looking forward to this, so I’m kinda disappointed with how it turned out. Maybe I’ll go back to it, but I doubt it.

In an alternate universe, Moira Burton and Chloe Price would be the best of friends.

I was really looking forward to playing this, as I really love rpgs/jrpgs, tactics combat and good stories, but man this really did not do it for me. I started with Edo Japan and that level was so boring and the combat was so brainless. It’s barely tactics combat. Obviously you’re not mashing buttons (because that’s just not how the combat is set up), but the most I’ve had to do is move down one square so that the enemy couldn’t hit me (just out of their attack range) and they’d have to keep moving down one and not be able to attack - that was on Edo Japan which is supposed to be the last of the 7 that you’re supposed to play.
I love anthologies (or at least the idea of them) but the two stories that I really gave a good try (Edo Japan and then Imperial China, since the latter was supposed to be a good one to start with) were utterly boring and unfun. I don’t mean to be a meanie, but I also kinda slightly do since I saw how rude people were to someone who liked octopath traveler more (who also gave a good argument as to why they personally did). I fell asleep during imperial china! And I was looking forward to playing games all day!
I love turn based rpg combat, but I do not like how this game does that. It feels too loose and underdeveloped with the action meter thingy (which is all the combat is kinda based upon), and from what I played it never advanced upon at all. There’s also things to make it more complex like effects (paralysis, poison etc.) but they’re only there if you want to use them, there’s not an incentive to do so unless if you want to ~spice~ things up.
That is the exact opposite of a little game I like to call Fae Tactics which is SO rewardingly complex with different systems! That game is a lot longer to be fair, but it also seems like Live A Live doesn’t add anything to its combat until the very end, which is not interesting from the start (in my opinion).
I’m just bitter because I really wanted to like this game, but it’s just not doing it for me whatsoever, meanwhile people LOVE this game. I’m very happy for those people, but maybe just don’t be a jerk to people who don’t like this game who also give good reasons as to why? I probably didn’t do that, but leave those other people alone who are expressing their opinions in a honest and considerate way! (Also If you’re reading this and love tactics/rpgs, then give Fae Tactics a try - so underrated and very, very fun!).

I love this game so much. I love all these characters and I’m upset I have to leave them again. Part of me wants to live in this world (at least a little bit). It has such an amazing cast of characters, I love Jonah - but Val will always be the one for me. Ideally though, it would be me Val and Jonah, and also Seven as like my flirtatious buddy. But, the beauty of boyfriend dungeon is, you don’t really have to choose. Whether you choose to keep it strictly platonic or not (or maybe like by accident because you didn’t pick up on the EXTREMELY obvious cues the game is telling you, but you’re so used to dating sims psyching you out that you chose the wrong choice (for you)) you could still be with and choose everyone. You can still hang out with them and “show them your love” as the game says.
This game has really given me a different point of view on polyamory that I has stayed with me. It also affirmed my sexual orientation when I really needed it most. Not to mention how the soundtrack still gets stuck in my head often (and I mean OFTEN) and I played the game almost a year ago now. It introduced me to one of my favorite artists (Madeleine McQueen) who I honestly think has the voice of an angel.
I love this game so much, and I don’t care what anyone says. It’s special and so outgoingly queer, which you really don’t see in much media these days. Everybody is just open to love (without question) and I think that’s really beautiful. (And by “without question” I mean your gender won’t hold you back from dating ANYBODY, which is awesome.) Ugh, I’m going to really miss these characters again. I love you Boyfriend Dungeon ❤️
P.S. I added this to IGDB (my first game to do so too, because I got tired of waiting for someone else to do it)
P.S.S. They were NOT kidding when they said this DLC got a bit raunchy, huh?
Final P.S. It’s okay if you don’t like a game - that opinion is valid - but I really don’t want to hear the boyfriend dungeon hatred anymore, so let’s hope those people don’t play the dlc, and it stays healthily positive over here 😊