Despite Bobby Kotick, Blizzard has done did it and made an excellent video game.

Tetris is the best video game ever made.

Played eight hours straight through the night in candlelight while drinking red wine, right after reaching the ripe age where I could actually legally buy booze. One of the more memorable gaming experiences that I've yet to replicate.

Well written and thoughtfully envisioned world, with a gameplay that owns up to it. A masterpiece.

One of the most surprising and interesting open worlds ever crafted. A video game that does not underestimate the player. Amazing experience all the way through.


There was a couple of years where Quake and it's expansive mods were the only game I played. Even played it competitively in couple of Team Fortress tournaments and thought I could make it as an e-sportsman.

Played this on a BBS and spent summer holiday reading Sun Tzu to overcome my enemies. I was twelve. Probably the most informative year of my life.

Familiar in many ways to it's predecessor, but you can't fault it too much for iterating on what works and innovating on top. What an amazing video game.

Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

Resident Evil was never my thing and 4 was the only one I actually ever played to completion back in the day. Despite the seemingly endless remakes, they somehow managed to make this one feel fresh and new all over again. The level of quality is undeniable here.

Long gone are the heydeys of space adventure games, so it is always exciting when there is any activity. This one is arcadey and shooty with a ton of loot, meandering low-budget story and some annoying performance issues.

Out of nowhere comes this stylish and fun, lovely little sinister fishing game. Mechanics of the game are rather simplistic and the gameplay gets repetitive at points, but the overall mood is set so well that it makes up for it. Ending was rather abrupt and I was definitely left craving for more.

Good looking, but tired and uninspired end to this modern Lara trilogy.

Ambitious game that misses the mark in its execution. Parkouring around the city is fun, but the combat falls flat and feels more like a chore. Despite the amount of content, the lack of a compelling story leaves little reason to revisit the game once the main narrative has been completed.