It's a very system driven, hard to get into, rpg. But together with a friend it was a really cool coop experience with a lot of freedom and challenging battles. The ending felt kind of weird tho.

I don't get the hype around the game. I tried it multiple times. It's slow. It's boring. It looks shitty. Like yeah I get it it's a rpg but that's no excuse for the most boring combat I've witnessed.

I think I tried to begin playing for like 5 times. Most of the time for multiple hours but it just didn't click.

I tried to like it because it's supposed to be one of the better souls like clones but.. it's really not. The gameplay is clunky and the world is bleak.

This game looks amazing and sadly plays like a brick. Compared to dead cells this feels like you're playing an age old game.

I tried it a few times but could never get into it. I sadly don't like the music nor the style.

Cute looks, nice atmosphere and good soundtrack. The gameplay is pretty one dimensional tho and got boring after a few hours.

Gorgeous game with a good combat system that gets a little bit repetitive over time.

I love the concept of timeloops in movies. Groundhog day, predestination, primer, you name it. That's why I like death loop so much. I can see it's faults but I was hooked on the concept from the first minute on. I also had a lot of fun with the really good voice acting and a big amount of freedom how to tackle the different goals the game throws at you.

Zanto was an amazing villain but I didn't like the rest quite like wind waker. Still a game I'd recommend to fellow Zelda fans.

My first Zelda game and probably why I'm kind of biased. Wind waker has it all. Gorgeous graphics that hold up even today, a well told story for a Zelda game, cool temples, fun traversal (I even liked the triforce part) and fun character designs. One of my all time favorites!

One of my most memorable Nintendo DS experiences. The story is really good, the characters are written super well. Good animations and a banger soundtrack. Real hidden gem.

It's just fun. When played with a good friend (or a wife) a super enjoyable experience. The story is kinda meh at times but we still enjoyed it and the couch coop is a bliss.

All around good game with super good traversal. Looking forward to part 2!

Pretty good albeit a little bit too long