yo this was actually pretty good.
It is nowhere near perfect, but I quite enjoyed my time with it.
Everyone I knew showed next to no interest in this game after they learned it was a card game but I stayed optimistic, and I am honestly glad I did.
They kept calling it "a mobile game" and after playing the game i can confidently say.... yeah I can kinda see why lol.
Let's start with the story though, surprisingly deep, and long.
The story follows your OC teaming up with the Midnight Suns, some avengers, an x-man and Spider-man to defeat the mother of all demons and it, is, awesome. The story goes for a solid 20-ish hours, even longer if you go for all of the side stuff of which there is quite a bit to do, whether it's the surprisingly big hub area or the many challenges you can partake in, it'll be awhile before you run out of things to do.
I will say I found the ending... not so much disappointing, but slightly lacking, like it does kind of just end without much of a bang, but still enjoyable.
The gameplay? y'all ever play Marvel Strike Force? think kind of like that but much better, flashier and more in-depth.
This game really does require some brain power at times. The card system is easy to pick up yet hard to master. it can be punishing yet rewarding. It can also be VERY flashy at times which is awesome.
they do a very good job at making you feel like a super-hero with you being able to just decimate enemies and environments with big attacks.
They also do an incredibly good job with making each character feel unique and useful in their own ways. Every game i wanted to try new characters and combinations to discover new strategies, even towards the end I hated sticking to the same characters because I just wanted to play as all of them. I also loved that I was still unlocking characters like 15 hours into the game, it kept everything constantly updating, giving you new things to try which was very much appreciated. The enemy variety was surprisingly wide as well, and I loved the progression of first meeting an enemy and dreading them to absolutely kicking their shit towards the end of the game.
The mission structure does get kind of repetitive at times, but you get given so many options on what you wanna do next so you're never doing the same mission back to back which helped.
As mentioned, the hub world has a surprising amount of stuff for you to do, with it being the primary way to get cosmetics and certain abilities. Each area having it's own secret little story to uncover which was nice.
There's also friendship stuff you can do with each of the character's like a traditional RPG. You can go on Hangout's and do events with different character's to gain friendships which can get you cosmetics and abilities, and while it is kinda cool befriending all of these iconic characters... why can't I fuck them? Like, I know why I can't because it's marvel. but with this stuff it's usually romances you're building towards, and then sex. Like I want to fuck Nico behind Spider-Man's back and get punished for it. but alas, only friendships, which was inevitable, but disappointing nonetheless.
To be completely honest I don't really have any complaints. Like yeah, the game is long, but I enjoyed that, gave me lots to do. Yeah the missions can get kinda repetitive, but I neevr got bored of the flashy animation style so it kept it entertaining. All the cosmetics looked really cool, the hub was fun to explore, the story and all it's side plots were all entertaining and engaging.
This is honestly just a really solid game that I highly recommend if you love Marvel, especially the supernatural side of it, or if you just love card based strategy games cause this, is really solid.

Reviewed on Jan 25, 2023