Okay... look.
I know when I played the original game I gave it a 3 and a half.
Saying it wasn't really anything special and the gameplay sucked and whatever.
And I don't know if it's the improved graphics, or implementing a lot of gameplay elements from part 2 or just the fact that since playing Part 2 and watching the show I have grown a much deeper appreciation for the world of TLOU... it's probably all of the above but damn I loved this.
I feel like the Danny Devito meme of "I get it"
again I think it's just adding most of the improvements from Part 2 and the fact I have now become slightly obsessed with this franchise in recent months. But yeah this is great from start to finish.
HOWEVER, I do still think Part 2 is better. Which I know invalidates this review for a lot of people but fuck you. I will forever be a Part 2 dickridaaaaaaaa

Reviewed on Mar 13, 2023


2 months ago

Serious question: what gameplay elements from part 2 did the implement? Granted, it's been a while since I played the original, but from my perspective the improvements were almost exclusively visual.

2 months ago

the main ones I picked up on were being able to make enemies fight each other, just overall ai improvements, a lot of the weapons especially the bow and arrow were tweaked to be more like Part 2.
the only things from part 2 that weren't implemented over were the new weapons and the crawling.