Okay so, I really liked everything about this game, the gameplay is really fun with all the new stances you can unlock, all the world's are really well designed and fun to explore and that heavily reward your curiosity with fun secrets, all of the customisation is great, it's all quite in-depth and fun to mess around with.
BUT, and this is a very big but... the story...
It really didn't do it for me. It just all felt very weirdly paced and disjointed. Like they spent too much time on the wrong things. Like there are some good moments, but a lot of stuff seems to happen and then the characters just don't really talk about it. Also all the villains were just crap, none of them really did anything. They were cool ideas for villains but just incredibly wasted. By the time the game ended all i could think of was... that's it? it was just really disappointing, all of the cool concepts they had are just all really basic and just do not go deep into them enough.
again, everything else is great. I had a super fun time doing everything else, it was just the story that kinda left a bad taste in mouth unfortunately. it also is definitely meant to set up the next game so, hopefully that one goes hard with a lot of the concepts from this one and improves.
still a very solid game, just don't expect too much from the story imo :/

Okay... look.
I know when I played the original game I gave it a 3 and a half.
Saying it wasn't really anything special and the gameplay sucked and whatever.
And I don't know if it's the improved graphics, or implementing a lot of gameplay elements from part 2 or just the fact that since playing Part 2 and watching the show I have grown a much deeper appreciation for the world of TLOU... it's probably all of the above but damn I loved this.
I feel like the Danny Devito meme of "I get it"
again I think it's just adding most of the improvements from Part 2 and the fact I have now become slightly obsessed with this franchise in recent months. But yeah this is great from start to finish.
HOWEVER, I do still think Part 2 is better. Which I know invalidates this review for a lot of people but fuck you. I will forever be a Part 2 dickridaaaaaaaa

another pretty solid DLC
Venom is a dope character with a cool moveset and awesome cosmetics.
His little story was also pretty decent, although I think I preferred Deadpool's. But that's mostly down to personal preference.
hope they keep up with the good work.
I love this game.

This pretty good.
it does have a single-player campaign which is pretty neat, seeing different cute little kaiju stories unfold.
but let's face it, you're here for the multiplayer, which is pretty fun.
Aside from the usual versus there are loads of little mini-game modes that are quite fun.
the game doesn't have the biggest roster of characters but I do like every one of them, especially after the Godzilla dlc.
definitely a fun couch co-op game to play that you'll especially enjoy if you're both little Kaiju nerds

Not gonna lie, I had my doubts, I thought they were hyping it up way too much and it was gonna flop hard.
but goddamn if this ain't pretty fuckin good.
If you love Harry Potter, you will love this game, guaranteed.
Being able to do nearly everything they do in the books and movies is honestly a magical af feeling.
let's start with the story:
it's mid. The story is probably the weakest part of the game, which in any other game would make it a lot lower for me, however thanks to everything else being like, 8/10+ i can excuse it.
It's definitely not a bad story, it just never feels like much happens, there are some genuinely really good moments (I loved the storybook sequence during the third trial) but overall felt a little lackluster.
Howeverrrrr, the side stories? yes please. The side stories were always my go to before any main quest. Getting to spend time with each of the three main side characters and helping them all against different threats was easily the highlights of questing in the game. Also a lot of the mini side quests were fun too, ranging from helping a town, finding a beast or playing mini-games, there was never a quest that felt too long or too tedious.
The Gameplay? it's pretty fun. Even at the end of the game i was still having fun mixing together all the different spells you can get (especially the unforgivable curses hehe) for different combos. Also being able to fly on brooms and on the back of a goddamn Hippogriff never gets old, especially on the Hippogriff when that sweeping orchestra that sounds suspiciously close to the How To Train Your Dragon theme starts playing. It's great.
The world? goddamn, after being plagued recently by big empty open worlds, I am so glad this game was different. Hogwarts itself is fully recreated and HUGE, I roughly know my way around by now but still get lost sometimes and then you have the world outside of Hogwarts which is so much bigger than I thought it was gonna be. It's brimming with life whether it be little hamlets that offer stores or side quests or landmarks or beasts wandering around or bad guy strongholds. No matter what direction you go in, you will find something to do. It's also all just beautiful to look at, especially with the changing seasons.
The character customisation is pretty in-depth too. Because the game is set in the 1800's a lot of the fashion styles weren't really my thing but it wasn't long before i found some stuff that worked well for me. Also the ability to change the appearance of any gear piece is what every game involving cosmetic gear needs to have.
I don't really have much else to say, I really enjoyed this game, apart from the slightly lackluster main story but even then I never found it bad, just not as interesting as everything else.
I will happily go back and play through this again as different houses, probably even try and 100% it.
highly recommend.
also I'm Genderfluid and bi-sexual so it's fine lmao.

well, I'll say this, it is ALOT less painful than Crossroads.
I dare even say this was actually fun at times.
they completely gave up on story and just went fuck it do random shit from the movies and/or just random shit.
the missions where you aren't racing, like the safe dragging mission or hijack missions are surprisingly, quite fun.
but everything else is complete dogshit as to be expected, mainly due to the god awful ai that makes you wanna commit die and just how poorly the cars handle sometimes.
it's very short though so, that's no so bad.
I think i'm giving this a bit more lee-way because of Crossroads. but yeah if you're dead-set on playing a Fat and Fur game. play this one.
you'll get it done in like 3-4 hours.

look, this isn't horrible, in fact there was a decent chunk i enjoyed, but it's definitely not a good game.
the gameplay isn't great, same with level design, and basically everything.
but there is a certain charm, especially if you're a fan of Family Guy, lots of references to the show.
I played this through co-op with my best friend and it definitely helped sooth the experience , but by the end we still were both ready for it to end, and it's only like a 4-ish hour long game so.
while it's buggy, not very well made, and just overall bland and unoriginal, it was all worth it for that sick ass chicken fight level.

just the DS version but worse thanks to motion controls and not being able to do other things while playing.
although Gordon is higher quality and yells at you more so there's that

saw someone say this is "Cooking Mama if you have a degradation fetish"
and that could not be more of an accurate statement.
this is literally just a drag and drop game while Gordon yells at you for messing up.
yet surprisingly entertaining, especially when our dopamine deprived brain requires multiple things at once to be satisfied. Playing this while watching anime was surprisingly fun.

Yeah I got a few hours into the game and just decided... no.
It's nowhere near the worst game I've ever played, but it's just boring.
the story is mind-numbing, same with the gameplay.
the open world is just big and empty.
the only thing I was enjoying was the customisation and even then that's fun for like 10 minutes before you run out of money and realise you have to play some boring ass missions that are either just on-rail shooter sections or tow object from point A to point B or just run around and shoot people.
This game honestly just feels like a xbox 360/Ps3 game with how dated it all feels.
also it's pretty buggy.
I might try and pick it back up and finish it at some point, but not anytime soon.

Solid DLC
noting special but still fun
I like how they've handled Deadpool's character.
some new enemy varieties, start of a new story.
just more Midnight Suns goodness.

yo this was actually pretty good.
It is nowhere near perfect, but I quite enjoyed my time with it.
Everyone I knew showed next to no interest in this game after they learned it was a card game but I stayed optimistic, and I am honestly glad I did.
They kept calling it "a mobile game" and after playing the game i can confidently say.... yeah I can kinda see why lol.
Let's start with the story though, surprisingly deep, and long.
The story follows your OC teaming up with the Midnight Suns, some avengers, an x-man and Spider-man to defeat the mother of all demons and it, is, awesome. The story goes for a solid 20-ish hours, even longer if you go for all of the side stuff of which there is quite a bit to do, whether it's the surprisingly big hub area or the many challenges you can partake in, it'll be awhile before you run out of things to do.
I will say I found the ending... not so much disappointing, but slightly lacking, like it does kind of just end without much of a bang, but still enjoyable.
The gameplay? y'all ever play Marvel Strike Force? think kind of like that but much better, flashier and more in-depth.
This game really does require some brain power at times. The card system is easy to pick up yet hard to master. it can be punishing yet rewarding. It can also be VERY flashy at times which is awesome.
they do a very good job at making you feel like a super-hero with you being able to just decimate enemies and environments with big attacks.
They also do an incredibly good job with making each character feel unique and useful in their own ways. Every game i wanted to try new characters and combinations to discover new strategies, even towards the end I hated sticking to the same characters because I just wanted to play as all of them. I also loved that I was still unlocking characters like 15 hours into the game, it kept everything constantly updating, giving you new things to try which was very much appreciated. The enemy variety was surprisingly wide as well, and I loved the progression of first meeting an enemy and dreading them to absolutely kicking their shit towards the end of the game.
The mission structure does get kind of repetitive at times, but you get given so many options on what you wanna do next so you're never doing the same mission back to back which helped.
As mentioned, the hub world has a surprising amount of stuff for you to do, with it being the primary way to get cosmetics and certain abilities. Each area having it's own secret little story to uncover which was nice.
There's also friendship stuff you can do with each of the character's like a traditional RPG. You can go on Hangout's and do events with different character's to gain friendships which can get you cosmetics and abilities, and while it is kinda cool befriending all of these iconic characters... why can't I fuck them? Like, I know why I can't because it's marvel. but with this stuff it's usually romances you're building towards, and then sex. Like I want to fuck Nico behind Spider-Man's back and get punished for it. but alas, only friendships, which was inevitable, but disappointing nonetheless.
To be completely honest I don't really have any complaints. Like yeah, the game is long, but I enjoyed that, gave me lots to do. Yeah the missions can get kinda repetitive, but I neevr got bored of the flashy animation style so it kept it entertaining. All the cosmetics looked really cool, the hub was fun to explore, the story and all it's side plots were all entertaining and engaging.
This is honestly just a really solid game that I highly recommend if you love Marvel, especially the supernatural side of it, or if you just love card based strategy games cause this, is really solid.

Yooo first person to review this on here. huge.
anyways, yeah it's pretty good.
I enjoy Kakarot as a game so I am always happy when we get new content for it.
While this is a solid DLC I don't think it was as good as the previous Future Trunks one, but I think that's mostly down to the fact you can do a lot more with that era than you can with this one.
This DLC is quite a bit shorter than the last, which again fair enough because there's only so much you can do with Bardock's story. but maybe coulda been cool to have the Lord Chilled stuff?
playing as Bardock is of course awesome, because it's Bardock. One of the best characters in DB. The presentation is still very nice, especially with the next-gen upgrade.
The Prince Vegeta side quests were a pretty neat addition.
Annihilation mode was fun at first but got pretty repetitive towards the end.
Overall this is definitely solid, but not as good as the last one. Just wish there was a bit more with it.
I am hype for the 23rd world tournament dlc though, I hope it's good.

welp with 2022 coming to a close and literally on the final day of it, I have finally finished this game.
it's a mixed bag. there's stuff I liked, and stuff I didn't.
an open world Pokemon game is all I have ever wanted since I was kid, then we got Legends Arceus, and I disliked it quite a bit. But then they revealed Scarlet and Violet which was a proper open world pokemon game and I got hype.. and then I forgot about it. Did not stay up to date with any of it so I went into this mostly blind.
The game, is very unfinished. Obviously everyone and their mother has made fun of the frame-rate issues and uhh yeah it gets VERY noticeable at times.
and yeah, we do finally have a open world where you can go anywhere, but the world is sooooo fucking bland. I could not tell you any of the town names except maybe like, two. Every area just feels so simply designed and empty. at no point in this game did I feel like going out of my way to explore, because every area was basically just the same as everywhere else. There's no secrets to find, there's no hidden area's just out of the way to discover, it's all just, bleh.
The hand holding.... in recent years these games have developed a series cause of intense hand holding, where they literally tell you everything you had to do. Now, the hand holding in this game isn't as egregious as it was in SW/SH because "freedom" is the aim of this game, but it is still very much there. They've tried to go the BOTW route with a big open world where you can go anywhere you want and do anything you want, and yet as soon as it is opened up to you they immediately start pushing you in one direction. "You can do any gym you want in any order.... put you should probably go do this one first over there or else your fucked"
Traversing the world is a pain in the ass as well. Thanks to the world being bland you don't really wanna run anywhere because it's just boring. so you have to take the new bike pokemon, which at the beginning is slow and just a pain to use. HOWEVER as you power him up traversal does get ALOT better. Being able to glide/climb up walls is a real game changer that just makes the entire experience sooo much better.
speaking of the new bike pokemon. I don't like the legendaries. Some of the most mid legendaries ever.
However, I did like some of the new pokemon additions. There are some pretty cool new ones. Shout out my boys Bellibolt and Cetitan, both came in absolute clutch and were nothing but top G's the entire game. I also love Baxcalibur, funny Godzilla pokemon.
oh also, FUCK. THE. RAIDS. The raid system from SW/SH has been brought back, and while it was the most fun part of that game, it is the worst part of this one. They just suck. they don't work properly because of how they restructered them. Having everyone attack at once does not work. Just makes it buggy and weird, also all my raids where stupidly low level even towards the end so they dropped shit rewards.
Also Terastilasation or whatever it is is such a shit mechanic.
Easily the worst out of transforming mechanics. I really liked Gigamazing and Mega Evolution, hell even Z-moves where cool. But this Tera shit sucksssss, I honestly kept forgetting it was a thing throughout the entire game.
I just really didn't feel the pokemon magic in this one.
going into the positives there's obviously the gameplay. It's just classic Pokemon, can't really go wrong.
I found the gyms and elite four and other boss enemies in the game to be actually fairly challenging which was a nice change of pace from SW/SH.
The gym challenges were a lot more creative this time around with the stuff you gotta do before hand which was nice, although I miss the hype af stadium fights.
The story... well it's a pokemon game past Black and White so it's mid, however there was some decent stuff that just kept getting glossed over. I think if they took the time they could make an actually decent story.
and I will say, the last hour of this game, once you reach Area Zero goes surprisingly hard. Very enjoyable final bosses.
Also also, please, for the love of god give these games voice acting. It was fine for 2D sprites, but 3D models? it's so awkward all the timeeee.
Barely any post-game as well.
Pokemon Violet is nowhere near the worst game in the series, but also nowhere near the best. They really need to give these things more time in the oven. give yourself a solid few years to really craft a perfect pokemon game, because they definitely have the ability to do it, they just never get given the time, which sucks.
but as a final game for 2022? I definitely coulda done worse. I had fun with it.

it's fun.
there's definitely a certain charm to being a ghostbuster/ghost yourself and I can for sure play it for hours with my friends.
but the game is horribly optimised, and there's a severe lack of content. there's barely anything to unlock, there's only like 6 maps and 3 ghosts. It just needs more.
but still a fun experience nontheless.