she/any, passionate player of games.I love playing games and I often have opinions on them, so I want to share them with the world.
I no longer use star ratings because I feel like trying to boil down my feelings on a game to a simple number is often too reductive.
I don't review DLC unless they're so good/bad/essential that they change my opinion of the game overall
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Not sure what to write on this game since my opinion pretty much lines up with the mainstream opinion so I guess I'll just mention some minor points that I don't see get brought up as often.
While the main story is overall pretty engaging I think it takes a bit too long to really get going. One of the main reasons it took me over a month to beat this game was that initially I just wasn't super invested yet so it often was difficult to motivate myself to play this.
I also thought it was a pretty weird move to give Dagger the Eidolons early on without letting her use them and just not comment on that until you're several dozen hours into the game.
Having this great power that she's too afraid to use because of the destructive power they hold is really interesting but I feel like it should have been mentioned earlier for it to really work.
The parts where you have to assign people to do things and have no hints whatsoever but doing the right thing gives some reward are so strange.
It's a real shame that a game with as many callbacks as this is localized so badly in some parts, especially the things that feel like they wouldn't have happened if the localizers had just like, played the other final fantasy games? Something like "Mount Gulug" or "Deathguise" is just really embarassing.
Though it was a bit funny that they're apparently allergic to localizing Marilith correctly.
The music is really good, maybe my favourite FF music yet? Though it's a shame how few unique boss themes there are and how often the game just cuts off the music very abruptly because a cutscene ended or something.
Overall a very enjoyable game!

The game seems pretty interesting, I have some high level nitpicks as a huge dune fan with how some things are implemented, but what really makes this game very difficult to enjoy is the AI.
I finished 3 games (and started a couple more) and every single time the AI just didn't bother me in the slightest. It feels like a solo game with the other factions just existing for me to plunder and exploit and to serve as a timer for me to eventually lose if I don't win quickly enough.
It's probably pretty fun in multiplayer but I don't really play rts games as pvp in multiplayer and also good luck finding a game in like 4 months.

It's style over substance for sure, but the style is great enough that I would still fully recommend this game to anyone who is interested in horror vns