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I am not a smart man. I am not a man who possesses the kind of autism that makes staring at a map PNG absolutely riveting (sorry EUIV/HOI enjoyers). However, in spite of that I really enjoy Crusader Kings 3.

I have a combined total of maybe 20 hours across my several attempts through gamepass and Steam, which is an absolute blink of an eye compared to the time that could spent in this game but enough that I feel confident in my opinion of it.

It makes me feel very stupid, I still don't understand some of the gameplay mechanics, in some situations I don't understand why an outcome failed or what I could have done differently. I avoid playing a military-lifestyle as I can't entirely wrap my smooth brain around it, yet I still have a lot of fun with this game.

The highlights for me are the little character stories that pop up where you have to make a decision that may snowball into something greater. Oh, my letter to you was patronising? I sure hope I won't regret that when a war breaks out 10 years from now. I married my mutant daughter off to some neanderthal who kills their own children? What do you mean I now somehow control land in Britain due to his death? What do you mean my wife is plotting to murder my nephew?

I play this more as a complex "choose your own adventure" game and really that is how I enjoy it, I don't get bogged down in stats or building a lineage from 8 generations back, I am sure all of that is fun in its own right but this is basically trashy, medieval, reality-TV storytelling and I am all here for it.

Be warned, it is a Paradox game however so it's full of DLC packs, a buggy launcher and for some reason it takes ages to launch even though I've got it running on a M.2 SSD.

Spore evolved from a hated disappointment to a cult classic and there is a lot to say about it.

I still remember the reaction to this game at launch, a lot of early ideas were scrapped and some of the more ambitious mechanics changed in favour of a more streamlined, simpler game. People hated it, like even for 2008, the buzz about how disappointed people were was absolutely palpable, you would struggle to find someone not complaining about the game in some way.

Luckily for me, I was 10 years old and saw a cool monster building game and that was all that mattered. I remember trying to buy the Creepy/Cute DLC pack in store seeing how cheap it was and having the cashier explain to me how I needed to buy the full game first, somewhat of an alien idea to me as I had primarily been playing on consoles up to that point.

The extent of my experience with PC gaming hinged on whether or not a woefully underpowered family PC could run it and thankfully when I did get the full game I could run it - just about.

I can't tell you how many hours I spent playing this game as a kid, I went from cell stage to spacefaring civilisation dozens of times. I bought the Galactic Adventures expansion pack that let you build your own missions and I played the absolute hell out of it. To this day, my ridiculous childhood creations are still live on the Sporepedia website, I can revisit whatever the fuck I was thinking back then and have a good laugh. I peaked with a dog-monster that had a poison shooter on his ass and an extra mouth at the end of his tail pointed towards it, my description read "this guy eats crap". God could never come close to my ingenuity.

I want to make the argument that Spore was always a great game, and I don't think there has been a game quite like it since. No other game lets you craft creatures, buildings, vehicles, planets, missions quite like Spore.

None of it is overly complex but there is enough variety for it to not get boring and there is plenty of scope to make some interesting designs. The game doesn't care that your animal with four eyes on its kneecaps, and legs that extend 4x beyond its body has no logical means of moving and seeing in a believable way, it's going to work with you.

Maxis could have leaned too far into the survival of the fittest approach and made it so any unoptimised creatures with 6 mouths and defense mechanisms would instantly be killed off but they throw their hands up and let you just go hogwild. It's a lot of fun.

The cell stage is the worst stage, it's basically that worm io game where you try to each smaller cells and run from bigger cells. The creature stage is more involved and your evolutionary changes are more meaningful.

The tribal and civilisation stages are like a watered down version of the Sid Myers games. The space exploration stage is a bit grindy but gives you a fun range of tools.

All of this is to say that the gameplay in each stage is rarely better than "it's fine", but it offers a perfect excuse to interact with the creature/building/vehicle creators and see how they all fit into the world which is the fun of this title.

I think that Spore would be an excellent candidate for a modern remake. Especially with the live service model nowadays there is SO much you could do with this game. It's amazing to me that we haven't seen anything close to what Maxis gave us almost 20 years ago.

I don't know how I ended up with this game but mine was glitched so that you couldn't go further than the third town in any playthrough. I still have the cartridge surprisingly, maybe because no shop would accept it as a trade in lol