Fun lil game with a great soundtrack and some interesting storytelling, probably one of the dreamcasts best.

If this game really did copy mortal kombat, then maybe mortal kombat would be good

This is one of the two street fighter games on Mizuumi so you know its one of the two good street fighters

This is a fake video game, it isnt real, you cant convince me this doesnt come from a family guy episode that makes fun of anime fighters

Theres a white guy jumpscare when you boot up the game.

Really love the ending credits for this game, for some reason, but other than that, this game rules........... 8ING sweep.......

I like how the game claps when i find him

Lots of cool content, however very glad that this game never had a huge tournament thing, would of been a nightmare to unlock everything.

When you get burned your model loses its textures and i think that's cute. Other than that, interesting use of 3D space, but it doesn't feel that good to move around in.