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Probably not a game for everyone, but stupidly fun for the right audience.
It feels like a PS2 game in the best possible way - it takes me back to a time when AAA studios would fund unique and interesting games with bold aesthetic identities instead of churning out "safe" games year after year. I hope hi-fi rush sells a billion copies so we can get more games like this.

A charmingly goofy game with a strong sense of style and ingenious motion controls. Not the smartest nor the most revolutionary title, but one with a true mastery over "fun". I had a total blast flailing joycons around in my living room.

The combat in Tunic is solid, and its puzzles are incredible. I'd even argue that Tunic's puzzles stand among the very best in the medium. It's an expert melding of genres - Tunic is, fundamentally, Dark Souls + FEZ + The Legend of Zelda for NES.
And yet... I think that's why I'm feeling a little let down. Those are all good games, and Tunic copies their homework expertly, but I've played them before. There's nothing in Tunic that feels truly "new".
The manual is definitely a unique flourish, but I feel like it's functionally identical to the artifact cube in FEZ (especially in regards to decoding Tunic's language). The orthographic camera's clever hiding of pathways and secrets also calls FEZ's world rotation to mind.
Some late-game revelations about straight lines at right angles are really exciting, but immediately reminded me of a similar moment in The Witness.
The combat is fun, and twists around Dark Souls' stamina bar in some smart ways, but there have been so many other indie takes on the soulslike this past decade (Hollow Knight, Titan Souls, etc) that Tunic's gameplay largely blends into the noise.
I'm not saying this makes Tunic bad. In fact, if you've never played those games, it means you should really really really play Tunic! It's just that, for me, a lot of the surprise and excitement of discovering a new world was undercut by thoughts of "oh. This is like that One Game I've played."
All that aside - Tunic is great, it's worth playing, and I'm very excited to see what this team makes next.