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I know everyone's saying it's just more of the same but this was my first splatoon so I just got my world turned upside down. This game is unreasonably fun. Can't believe they made a shooter for gay people

One of few games that manages to overcome any cynicism and let you simply indulge in its entirety. It may not be perfect or anything, but Napple Tale doesn't have to be. Purity is something that our mean-spirited industry can only use more of, so I think a few more of these couldn't hurt. It says something that on a console defined by ambitious genre-defying gems, this relatively basic little 3D platformer manages to stick out in the way it does.
When you play a game like this, the part of your brain that let's you rationalize what you just played goes off. Instead, all you can think about is how wonderful the experience was. Even if you can't make out the details, you'll always remember how it made you feel. Almost like a forgotten dream, floating in the wind...

i miss the nier 2010 piss filter this game is too blue and gray

The Professor Layton series is my very favorite on the DS and should be considered all-time classics. The gentlemanly Layton and his eager apprentice Luke travel to the sleepy town of St. Mystere looking to solve the mystery of the Golden Apple for the Lady Dahlia. The game’s art design is endlessly charming and it was a blast to utilize the point and click style mechanics to meet all of the quirky characters throughout the game and inspect every screen for hint coins. The storytelling is really top notch and though later revelations get pretty wacky, I came to realize that’s in the nature of the Layton series and part of the charm. Layton and Luke ground the adventure through their wholesome interactions with each other and those around them. The game even has some beautifully animated cutscenes for many of the major story moments.
The Layton series is all about puzzles and Curious Village isn’t afraid to test your mettle with some real brain stumpers. While you can sort of brute force your way through them by spending the pretty copious hint coins, using them as a last resort makes for a more rewarding experience overall. Credit has to go to Akira Tago for designing so many unique and rewarding puzzles throughout the entire series.
I love Professor Layton and at least the first game is an absolute must play- it’s even been ported to the App Store so it’s more available to anyone than ever.

Bigger, darker, and more ambitious than Ico. Wandering its hallowed world is a contemplative experience, but FPS issues cripple some of its boss fights.

Should not be skipped in favor of its more famous sequels. Not only is it better as a game, but it uses its low-tech qualities to unnerving effect.

Shamefully misses the point of the original by ruining its art direction, putting visual fidelity over playability, and adding [spits on ground] meaningless collectibles.

A bizarre, Gnostic take on Devil May Cry, with skinny jeans and motorcycles. The simplistic, rock-paper-scissors combat is a major letdown.

Shinji Mikami redoes RE4, and partially succeeds. It plays just fine, and its nightmare-world premise makes for some memorable stages and monsters.

Surprisingly spooky and atmospheric RE4-like. Exploration is its strong suit, even if it puts you through some tedious fetch quests and subpar boss fights.