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For my first playthrough I only did the main story on Normal. I'll watch supports, and do all paralogues on my 2nd pt on Hard.
My first impressions on the gameplay after a first playthrough are that the micro-combat is some of the best in the series owing to the Emblem mechanic, and the creative scenarios in some boss encounters (like look at Ch.19 Mauvier). The macro map design and creativity, however, is mostly average. The maps are like, GBA-PoR tier except maybe more polished, is how I see it. There wasn't nearly as much creative maps as I would have hoped so all things considered I can't say this is one of my favourites for the gameplay when Thracia, Conquest and Radiant Dawn (still my top 3 games in the series) provided me more interesting situations more often (even at the cost of some bad maps).
I think my favourite map is the one where Timerra joins actually? Reminds me of some of my favourite Thracia, Conquest and GBA maps.
I'll see if harder difficulties and paralogues change my mind, when I tackle them on my 2nd playthrough.
Don't care to comment on writing and presentation at this time

This game is just fun, heartwarming and soulful to a degree and in a unique way I don't get with most RPGs I've played

This review contains spoilers

What a way to close off my 2022
I've been meaning to play this for over a year now. I'm glad I finally experienced this, somehow managing to avoid spoilers all this time.
Only thing I was spoiled on was a pic/meme of Missile with overgrown hair but I didn't have context for it thankfully lol
This is very easily a top 3 VN for me so far, only competition is AA Investigations 2 and AA Trials and Tribulation really. For now I'll give the edge to Ghost Trick because it's gameplay is easily better than AA. Though I don't find the music as amazing and memorable as AA (still good).