At times dated controls, but got damn its fun.

Had its highs, had its lows. But it opens doors to greater sonic games down the line. I liked it =^_^=

Fantastic and Funky. You really can't go wrong with Space Channel 5, it's a classic.

A very competent psp RPG. I loved it for what it was, but some of the bosses and battles did leave something to be desired. I loved the Shijin God story line, but i'd love to see this idea fully realized. Solid game over all


I've played this entry to the series one too many times. It's a blast! I loved having the ability to move from Spargus to Haven and seeing these parallel environments, not to mention the war torn citizens. Sadly it felt like they silenced Keira as a character so that they could slide in a Jak and Ashelin love story. Nah dude, that was dumb. The rest of the game though, fantastic ^_^// This game is a gem.

I remember feeling very sad trying to play this.

I played this a lot as a kid. It started my love for sonic, sega and games in general. This is my most important game.