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Finally peace, at last...
I was looking forward to playing the full version of this game after playing the demo. But I was worried at the same time because I didn't really like the focus on parrying and the fact the enemies don't really get staggered.
Lies of P is a fairytale-inspired souls-like game which was not developed by From Software. There are many games that tried to capture the magic and feeling playing a From Software title but not many succeeded.
Sadly I have to say that I think that NEOWIZ & Round8 Studio didn't really succeed either. There are some cool weapon designs and the assembling mechanic is really great. It gives you the option to "customize the weapon the way you want it. With one exception, which excludes special weapons like those that can be purchased with the rare Egos. But if I have to decided I think I like the more badass design from Elden Ring's weapons more than a Wrench glued on top of a Police Baton from Lies of P.
The Victorian gothic city as a setting is pretty great and it reminded me a lot of Bloodborne which I just recently finished for the first time. But Bloodborne's setting is still superior. I liked that they included some easter eggs like the old Lady at the window. One small thing which I really appreciated was the symbol which shows up and tells you where you can complete a quest. The characters are all interesting but nothing too special and the lips are asynchron but that can be forgiven because this wasn't developed by the largest developer studio. Also, you can pet the cat once you become more human.
That's pretty much everything that I liked about this game, the boss enemies sometimes doesn't fit into the chapter. The whole chapter teaches you how to use status effects because the enemies of this chapter are weak to eat just so the big boss enemy is immune to it. The boss fights are also pretty unbalanced, some are bulletsponges and some are almost one hit kills. As mentioned above I just the Wrench combined with a Police baton and the fable arts attack does a ton of damage, up to 4-5 k damage.
But most of the time the fable arts attacks are pretty much useless because you have to farm them to fill up the attack bar. So I didn't use the fable arts against the fodder enemies or mini boss enemies but also didn't use them in the boss fights because either the fable arts bar was empty or I knew that I would die anyway after using the special attack in the boss fight. I think it would have been a lot better if the fable arts bar would be refilled completely after dying so you can actually use them in the boss fights. I know there is an upgrade but this only refills one bar and it's pretty much useless. As I said in the beginning, some enemies don't get staggered or knocked back when you hit them but they stagger you. Which ruined the gameplay a lot for me, sometimes an enemy staggers you so much that you can't really do anything. The arbitrarily attack chains were also a huge problem because sometimes the combos from the boss enemies are three hits long, sometimes 4 or even more. This way it was really hard to learn the pattern of the boss because I never knew how long his attack combo will last or when he hits me due to delaying his attacks. So I tried to block his combos but I was stunned after blocking 1 or 2 attacks so this wasn't an option so I tried to dodge but dodging 4-5 attacks resulted in a depleted stamina bar, leaving me unable to move and I still had to tank a hit or two.
When I successful dodged an attack I was often too far away from the boss too land a hit because the time window between the attacks is often too small. Or I have to use a healing potion after trying to parry and failing again due to these problems. The bigger the monster is, the more damage sponge it is becomes and it feels like it doesn't matter how much I upgrade my weapon, the healthbars still gets barely smaller. The AI from the specter is also really really stupid as hell, he runs in front of the boss and tanks every attack and is dead before the fight has really started. When I downed an enemy I often couldn't hit them when they were lying on the ground which could tip the scales. Pinocchio on the other hand falls to the ground so quickly and then the enemies will continue to be attack while you're lying on the ground so I often took a hit because your are stuck in animations for way too long. I also wasn't a fan of the fact that red attacks can only be parried and dodging was not viable, so I always ran away once I saw the "red light".
Many boss enemies rely on you to parry their attacks to break their block and there was no other option to fight them besides that. The disruption status effects which kills you immediately was also annoying like many boss fights like the second fight against the black rabbit brotherhood.
That concludes my little rant and yes I chose the "bad" ending so I didn't have to fight the last boss. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this game as much as I wanted because you barely have any freedom to fight the enemies. If you were expecting something like Elden Ring, where you have dozens of ways to defeat the boss, then you should probably wait for a sale or skip this game and maybe try the new Lords of the Fallen which hopefully will be better.

Now that this DLC has finally been released I can admit that I never played the original DLC. Don't ask me why, maybe because I'm not the biggest fan of the original game due to the increase in action and the lack of horror.
After thoroughly enjoying the Resident 4 Remake, I was excited to finally play Separate Ways. One of the biggest reason was Ada Wong. Because I always found her very interesting but never really knew what kind of character she is.
To cut it short, yes I really enjoyed this DLC but let's go into detail.
I already liked Luis a lot in the main game and his relationship with Ada in the DLC is great. His dance at the beginning is alone worth the 9,99€.
It was also interesting to see that Ada has a robot eye with which she can track footsteps and other stuff. I liked this gameplay mechanic even if it wasn't too extensive.
One of the reasons why the remake is one of the strongest Goty contenders of this years is how extremely detailed the game is and this DLC is no exception. For example you can see the tracking transmitter on the back from Luis. Another example is that you can hear Ashley cry while you are outside on the roof of the church.
It was interesting how they implemented Ada's infection and in one scene she says that "the Raccon City night has changed her". Many games just throw stuff like that into your face but now really show it. But you can see the consequences and how she has changed in her actions, the dialogue and in her facial expressions. Besides that Ada is freaking badass, I enjoyed the gameplay with her grapple-hook and her acrobatic abilities. Sadly the DLC was a little but too dark especially in the lab in chapter 6 and 7. I turned the brightness all the way up and sometimes I still couldn't see anything. But maybe the daylight from my window was the problem.
One of the boss enemies called "Pesanta" was a pain in the ass and I think I bought the rocket launcher after dying a few times. Wesker is also back and it was cool to see in 4k with good facial expressions. They also included content that they cut from the main game in this DLC like for example the Skilift. Saddler on the other hand was kinda underwelming but maybe that was because I fully upgraded the Crossbow all the way to max. Which is awesome btw. it was my favorite weapon alongside the Red 9. Or maybe he was so underwelming because Ada is just a side character, just like myself in real life.
Overall is Separate Ways really incredible, it's the best DLC from this year for one of, if not the best game this year. Huge recommendation and it's worth every penny.

Aliens: Dark Decent is the next Alien game after the masterpiece called Alien Isolation and a fun CO-OP shooter called Aliens: Fireteam Elite. But sadly it is way worse than both of them.
So yea I'm really disappointed. I think I have to warn everyone first because this game has a “feature” that made me drop the game after spending 19h playing this game. So what's this great feature? It's a death clock, which wasn't really communicated or explained at the beginning of the game. This means I played 19 hours (which I didn't enjoy, I explaine later why) just to get a "game over, please return to main menu" screen. No cutscene or anything like that which I find really lazy and cheap. So I was forced to pretty much restart a whole new game or reload an older save file and rush through the game with no guarantee that it will be enough. I a player who loves to explore every corner of a game and I like doing side missions which I realized now is not possible because the game punishes you for this in the end. The next problem is that the whole game design doesn't really work with that kind of mechanic because it often feels like you don't have much control over what is happening. The controls are really bad, inputs are not registered or way too late which lead to your death. The KI is also not great and another big problem is that you control the whole squad and you can't really control the individual Marines. I also often had to reload segments because the Marines didn't hit the target and after doing the same segment two or three times without changing my tactics they somewho hit the target. So a huge art is just trial and error which was not fun. The Marines also died like flies when you they are in close combat which makes sense but because of that it hard to fight back once 2-3 Aliens came closer. Due to the camera positioning and controls it was often even harder and too confusing because too much was happening on screen and playing this with controller doesn't help either.
It was also annyoing to hear same three voice lines over and over again and often the messages on screen said your are safe when your are not just to throw me three more Xenomorphs into my unprepared face which then killed me so I had to replay 30 min. again. I also didn't get why there was no "continue from last save" when you are killed. You always have to go back to the main menu to reload the last save file which killed the atmosphere a little bit for me. It's sad because the atmosphere is one of the strength and I also like the motion tracker, it builds up a lot of tension just like I remember from Alien Isolation.

But the face animatios are not up to date and none of the characters are really interesting. Because of that Aliens Dark Decent is overall not a great game and many game design decisions are really frustrating. Until the "game over" screen at the end I would have probably rated this 3/5 but the "death clock" feature was the final nail in the coffin for me. I think this feature would have worked as a feature for a harder difficulty or a new game plus run but not for a first run. I understand what they were trying to do and sometimes the game some satisfying moments similar to the soulslike genre. But the game mechanics doesn't work well with the death clock, controls are not very inaccurate which make this a frustrating experience. As a huge fan of the movie Alien and the game Alien Isolation it was really disappointing to witness another bad entry.
So please just give me Alien Isolation 2 and stop creating stupid shooters out of this IP, thank you.