Took me 2 playthroughs but this was an ight game.
the gameplay had a p steep learning curve due to how retro and clunky it is but when you get a grip on it it can be p fun. Some of the SPECIAL stats aren't balanced well (charisma and Agility) and can cause some unnecessary difficulty in a beginning few fights which could put a lot of players off immediately.
The story was pretty whatever with a bunch of plot holes and strange dialogue but the whole post apocalyptic world was actually really fucking interesting. especially with all the clans, the whole concepts of them are all really cool even if the quests that go along with them end up being uninteresting or underwhelming.
also i wanna mention that this is literally one of the most violent games ive played in recent memory like shooting dudes will explode half their body or something its awesome.


This game is the perfect example of a developer using a video game as an art medium to its fullest potential. Everything that happens in this game is so tailor made for being a game that it be killing half the experience to adapt it into something else.
But other than that, the story in this game is the main selling point, this is a basically perfect story abt memories and mental illnesses. The plot is very airtight and the game makes it a point to show you all this crazy shit and leave it up to you to interpret it, its very fun to go back and think about. This honestly is what all those "earthbound-inspired" indie RPGs want to be.
The gameplay if im being real is the only part that was a little lackluster, specifically one boss was really annoying and tedious to get through. The game also isnt very hard which I know isnt the point but at times it felt like if i had one specific setup then i could mop the floor with all the bosses.
Anyways yeah 9.5/10 best played blind and look out for the losers who say this game is mid lmao

This review contains spoilers

i hope nothing bad happens to that metroid

This game is really disappointing. The gameplay in the trailers looked really flashy and fun and the concept for the story sounded like it had potential. While the game lived up to the gameplay expectations imo, The story, characters, and overall writing fall exceptionally flat on its face. The story is boring after the 4 hour mark, the world is also boring after you've done all the activities like once and the characters range from annoying and unlikable to straight up forgettable. There's a lot of potential here but it didn't do anything to realize it at a $70 price point

mid af bro but i kinda had fun which is fucked up

Don't play all the Prime games in a row back to back it'll be the worst decision of your life. But other that that it was p good

This game is quite simply tied with FF6 as being the definitive Final Fantasy experience. The combat is simple but solid, the story is emotional and is supported by phenomenal characters that all take place in one of the most interesting medieval, high-fantasy, worlds I've seen.