I think this might have gotten me into Survival Horror? Like, I finally get what makes it so great?!
This game is pretty much the classic Resis but damn does it do it well, love the resource management and careful inventory management (though I agree the flashlight really shouldn't have taken up a spot).
Enemies are extemely tense to deal with, either sneaking around them or killing them each come with their own risks and costs. Level design is amazing, each one being a sprawling puzzle box that feels great to slowly piece together. Puzzles were the perfect level of difficulty for me, often being decently challenging to solve or keep track of without me ever resorting to looking up a guide (Except for one where I needed a code from hours earlier, because I didn't know how to access the Memories part of the menu due to some UI control inconsistencies).
Also, I live for that the PS1-ish low-poly art style. Especially in the first-person segments, it just looks so nice. Finally, the story is defintely interesting, emotional and maybe even a little avant-garde, though I'm far from fully understanding it. Usually I'm not really a fan of stories that require you to piece everything together with notes and descriptions, but I do want to search around and piece together what's going on, since what I did understand is pretty well-written for what it is.
Overall, this defintely a classic in my eyes, and really deserves your time. I can see some of the old-school horror mechanics not gelling with some people, but roll with its quirks and it'll be well worth the effort- at least in my eyes.

Reviewed on Nov 25, 2022