Just about everything in this is worse than even the first game. The story is really rough, the side quests are mostly not good, and the combat feels like a downgrade in some ways.
I'm hoping that the new one is good.

This review contains spoilers

This game was so good. It started slow, but the plot had me hooked and they made crafts feel so much better. Tio is one of my faves after this, and I really love what they did with Renne.


This game felt so fun to play, there's so much I love about it. Every weapon felt fun to use, especially the super shotgun and plasma rifle.

Stellar game. As someone eho barely touched the original, the combat felt a lot smoother. The materia fusion thing was a really good idea I think, it lets you break the game if you invest in it. All in all, a good game

It is a super fun game, it's a shame there's a lot of technical problems throughout the game.
This gen has some of my favorite pokemon in a while, I was really surprised with them.

As someone who was struggling to get into the 2D Sonic games, this felt awesome. I enjoyed how each character felt different to play and how they each had different objectives. Some times it felt weird to control, but I chalked that up to it being a fairly old game. Still an awesome experience

Pretty cool DLC. Getting to see some of the areas in a new way was really cool and Rose's powers are a neat touch. Wish there was a bit more to it though.

This review contains spoilers

It was a bit weaker than the first game. Travis going through pretty much the same arc felt weird, but there were some cool fights in it. Jasper fucking sucks. It felt emptier than the first which is weird too

Really love that this got a sequel, the original is one of my favorite games. There's some pacing issues and the balance is rough near the end a bit, but everything else was really good.

Insanely good game, each route has so much charm

The story, characters, and music are all amazing. The combat is a little confusing at first but the more you play the better you understand it.
The side stuff I didn't engage with a whole lot, but I can tell that with more time there's some good stuff in there.
Just an amazing game.

Really good, the added mobility to dual blades makes it even more fun to play

Very meh. Hapi, Constance, and Yuri were good at least

Pretty good, some parts felt rushed but I enjoyed it