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Super Cream 64: The Grand Finale
Super Cream 64: The Grand Finale

Jul 24

Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County
Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County

Jul 24

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Jul 23


Jul 23

Ultimate Flash Sonic
Ultimate Flash Sonic

Jul 23

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Might honestly be one of the best rom hacks I've ever played. There is so much love and care just put in this. Cream is a joy to play as, with her flight move letting you do some insane tricks to get stars early. It's a joy jumping into every level and hearing the music, while also following up with these little side plots the game sprinkles around. The new original stages are a blast as well, feeling like they belong in the original game. Once I started this, I just couldn't put it down. Give this a shot because my lord is this a blast.

Not much to really say, but to just sit down and play these games. All 3 are incredibly funny, with 3 easily being the best. Games are super cheap too! Frog Detective my beloved.

Wow I did not expect to love this game as much as I did! When I first played this game years ago, I really didn't like it much. It's structure just wasen't for me at all, and I found it more annoying then anything. Nowadays though, I respect it a lot for doing it's own thing from Prime 1. The world building and atmosphere is still here, but the gameplay structure is way different. Instead of the typical Metroid Structure, you're navigating dungeons and tackling areas piece by piece. It's very different from Metroid, but it works a lot better then you'd expect. There's a good since of progression with it, and you constantly feel like you're making progress. The new upgrades are fun too! Seeker missiles are really fun to pull off, and the new beams are great! Big fan of the Annihilator Beam especially, it's so much fun to just shred things with it. On top of that, this game introduces an entire new mechanic with the Light and Dark World. Throughout the game, you're constantly traveling between dimensions to solve puzzles, get items, and just progress and it's really really fun! The dark world especially is really unique with it's atmosphere, and left me speechless with some of the sights occasionally! Dark Samus is also really cool I love her as a villain! If i were to have any complaints really it'd be that sometimes the backtracking can be atrocious, especially by the end, and most of the bosses just aren't that fun to fight, the final boss especially. Very glad to see this held up, and I'm happy that my tune has changed with it! Can't wait to try out hunters and 3!