Just trying to get through all the games I have collected over the years.
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There is nothing better than the sense of accomplishment you get when completing a FromSoft game. At this point we all know FromSoft games for their unforgiving difficulty and Elden Ring is no exception. However, it never feels cheap or unfair. No death is a failure and is instead a lesson. Despite being stuck at certain points for a significant amount of time, each death motivated me to improve and come back stronger until I finally came out victorious. It's these personal experiences and the stories/memories I now have from overcoming these brutal challenges that makes Elden Ring and other games like it so special. It is a perfect example how video games have the ability to tell a story in a way that a book or film can't. There is nothing like the storytelling in these games and I thank Elden Ring for reminding me why I fell in love with video games in the first place.

At its best, RE0 is an enjoyable game with challenging puzzles and stunning visuals that match the beauty of the RE1 Remake. At its worst, it is an absolute slog with constant backtracking and a frustrating inventory system.
You can't talk about Resident Evil 0 without bringing up its biggest issue. It's lack of item boxes. I must admit it didn't bother me to begin with. However, the more I played, the more annoying I found it. Having to constantly return to your designated room (or dumping ground) to rummage through the pile of crap you've left on the floor gets old very quickly. Controlling 2 characters doesn't solve this issue either. The many herbs, ammo, weapons (some taking up 2 slots) and key items you find while exploring can be overwhelming and as a result, RE0 can feel tedious instead of tense.
I wouldn't say RE0 is a bad game. It's just held back massively by its faults. It also probably didn't help that this was released between 2 masterpieces. The removal of key features of previous titles will unfortunately forever tarnish RE0's reputation. Even as a huge fan of the classic RE games, I can't see myself returning to RE0 anytime soon.

Why did I stop playing this back when it first came out? Dead Space is a phenomenal game. Not only is it a terrifying experience with its setting and tense atmosphere. It is also an amazing shooter with satisfying gameplay and unique mechanics.
Interested to see what the remake adds to Dead Space because I already consider the original a masterpiece. A must play for gamers.