Thank you boob wizard lady for informing me of a level 99 sweepsteaks that ends December 31st, 2000. This will be vital information for me on September 18th, 2023.

Look if I make an extra beer and that spills it is on me but if a customer rudely slides their empty mug at me while I am clearly busy that is their fault and I should be able to ban them from my bar instead of being punished.
This unironically reminds me of my McDonald's job and I am currently on vacation from that.

This was an awful monitzed zynga tycoon game but it was MY awful monitized zynga tycoon game and no other resturant builder makes me as happy as this game made 11 year old me.

Honestly F Zero mechanics but crowded af is a really funny concept.
Also please understand that modern Nintendo would severely fuck up a new F Zero game I am just happy X exists on NSO

Short and cozy with extremely fun visuals and charm. Not even a remotely great game but the vibes are so perfect for me specifically I have to give it a 10/10.
Also the core gameplay is literally fucking OMORI but not made by a pedophile.

Tell me why I'm still stuck as a virgin with rage.
Tell me why I still need a cute girl my age.
Tell me why I never wanna hear you say
I have a boyfriend.

I like how each game got worse and worse with each passing entry. Somehow the bugs and nonsensical shit just kept coming to the point it actually was frustrating. The best part about this game is the fact that it will be a few months before 4 comes out and I am required to stream it due to getting it as a steam gift. At least this game didn't get racist when I died.
As usual, the ARGs:

Someone from the server I streamed the first game on gifted me 2 and 3 so I was able to stream this today. Somehow the game has more gameplay than 1 and it's even worse. Inconsistent, buggy, unoptimized, hilarious. The new voice acting has the enthusiasm of my tio after taking a shit.
I'm gonna post the ARG notepad like I did last time, but the letters that spawned when you died really wanted to spell a racial slur so we had to omit that part.

Pure liminal bliss of the Dreamcast/Playstation 1 era captured in a beyond adorable 4D puzzle/playtformer featuring what redditors would call the most oingo boingo scrunkly protagonist of the 2020s.
This game however omega sucks balls because while all my friends were enjoying it and I've been following development for years the Makeship campaign got extended meaning that the complementary steam code I was supposed to get for purchasing the Cerise plushie got delayed until just a few hours before writing this. :c


Used to be a 10/10, and this game was massively influential on my life. However the creator is incredibly awful and her actions have soured my mood on this game considerably.

The realest "I have no internet" game.

This review contains spoilers

Played this on stream with a few friends and we were so enthralled by this masterpiece of nonlinear story telling that we came up with our own ARG notepad of all we could find.

This game sucks, if it was actually good it would have killed video games forever.