Okay game but there are ton of games out there that do better job of being twin stick shooters or roguelites(or both at the same time).


One of the best retro shooters.

Really competent rogue/souls/like. Hard combat but satisfying when you master it.

Gorgeous graphics and world. Solid single player campaign, took me about 35-40h to finish everything in the game. Somewhat interesting story and good although a bit easy card game gameplay, I would recommend you to crank up difficulty to enjoy more intense battles. A bit too much puzzles for my liking and the game seemed to drag on a bit.

Nice little Action RPG (Diablo like), with charming pixel art graphic. Took me around 20h to finish and 50h to unlock all achievements. There is NG+ but not a lot to do after you master the game. There are 3 zones (biomes/dungeons) in the game - Caves, Desert and City - first two with 3 sections and the last with two. After you finish the game you just rerun those but in late stage of game with leveled up characters (7 playable heroes with different skills) it's very easy even on hard difficulty, so not a lot of replay value.
Overall nice Indie game to spend 20-30h in it!


Amazing game, one of the best Indes & roguelites ever made!