Finally pushed through and finished this one after months of putting it off. Engage is a great game, don't get me wrong. This game had a chokehold on me for the first half of it but as it went on, the story got way too unnecessarily ambitious. There were way too many twists and turns that it turned into something I didn't care to be invested in by the end. That being said, the ending was absolutely beautiful and specifically the cutscene with all the emblems right before the final battle. (shoutout to my boyfriend for pulling up the cutscene on youtube when I accidently skipped it). It got me excited for a fight the first time in awhile.
The gameplay was great for the most part. I loved the engage feature, it made fights more fun, finding new and creative ways to take down enemies. The maps were very fun, with terrain effects and gimmicks that made the game not as repetitive.
The characters were enjoyable but compared to the close-knit groups in three houses, they fell short. This game made it a lot harder to achieve A-Support with units that by the end, I was disappointed with the amount of content I wasn't able to see. I can see it being easier if you grind support with a few select characters but me being me, I like to give everyone a chance to participate and Somniel activities and battle (Except Saphir and Lindon, screw them. Literally had to just look up their names, that's how much I don't care about them). A few of these characters became very dear to me, my favorite being Zelkov. Honorable mentions include Pandreo, Amber, Alcryst, Rosado, and Merrin.
As far as units go, this game has some broken characters. I can literally send Merrin off on her own to take out a large group of enemies and she is fine. No one even comes close to even hitting her. A few characters who also are very close to that level of broken are Panette, Kagetsu, Diamont, Yunaka and Timerra. Most of these units can be pretty self-sufficient and were a consistent staple in my army.
I found the game overall enjoyable. It wasn't perfect by any means but it wasn't bad at all. I thought the running sibling theme really worked for a game like this. Maybe it was because I didn't get supports up all the way up but some of the characters didn't even feel like they were close to the characters who were written to be close with other characters. EX: Diamont/Amber, Merrin/Timerra. To me, that just takes away from the close-knit feeling that games like three houses gave me. So perhaps that's why I wasnt as emotionally invested in this story. Some of these characters who are saving the world together felt like absolute strangers. Overall, I'm glad I got to play this game and I'm glad I got to know some of these characters from the franchise that I didn't know about before. For a long time fire emblem fan, I can see this being a great crossover game and a solid stand-alone game with its own story. I usually can tell by the end of a game if its something I'll ever go back to. For this one, I can't tell. Mainly because 'New Game+" isn't an option. If it were, I might be tempted to get support conversations that I wasn't able to get in my first playthrough. But since its not, going back to it feels pointless and starting a new game would feel like a chore. So for now, I'm done with it. It was fun for what it was :)

KIRBY! I vibed with this game a lot. Playing this was a very relaxing experience all in all. I found myself playing in hour or so sessions and I was able to beat it in a little over a week. I loved all the enemies and all of the game mechanics. The trippy final fight was one of my favorite things I've ever experienced (Probably because I was high but that's besides the point). I am definitely going back to play this some more and get all the collectables if possible. It was a great length if you are looking for a shorter game to play. Over all, I really enjoyed this game and I'm so glad I got to play it.

Arguably the best expansion pack for sims 3

I liked the part where my bard was going on a mold-induced trip and had a spiritual awakening with a bear while sitting in a puddle of mud.

This review contains spoilers

Oh my lord where do I even start with this. So overall, I’d say this game is pretty solid. Enjoyable characters and a great mix of rpg and farming sim. The beginning moves at a snails pace but if you just push through it, it gets a lot better. The combat definitely takes some getting used to if you don’t normally play this kind of stuff. The games visuals are beautiful; stunning even. That being said, I wish that the attention and care put into the environment carried over into the NPC’s. They feel static, almost. Everyone looks the same and their side quests become more like “chores” than anything. The main cast of characters are all pretty enjoyable (Favorites include Heine, Emo, Brakka, and Unicorn) and their classes are all fun to mess around with. Though Emo and Dianthus’ classes are bit too slow for my personal preference. I played a good amount of the game switching between everyone to get a good feel for them and I tended to go with Avenger (Brakka’s class) and Shadow Walker (Istina’s class) for all the hard stuff.
The story itself was a little hard to follow at times. There was A LOT going on and a lot of plot twists where I felt like I was going in circles at times. I think they were trying to do a little too much with the story and it ended up being a jumbled mess. But I was able to understand what was going on most of the time.
There’s a lot to do in this game, between boss fights, collecting and of course, farming. But it never feels like there’s “too much” content. Just enough to give you something to do whenever you wanna walk away from the story for a bit. And the leveling system of your farm and fairy orders always give you something to work towards. By the end of the main story, I still don’t have all the conellu dolls or all of the food orders done so I’m looking forward to going back to finishing that and farming through the seasons without Quietus. I don’t think it’s a game I’ll ever go back to and replay but I had fun with it overall and definitely recommend giving it a try.

I think my grandma liked this more than I did.

I don't like star wars but this was fun

I thought this was just a fever dream

let me tell you, 8 year old me created some LOOKS

I cannot explain how much I love this game. This game frustrated the hell out of me, but in a good way. It kept me coming back. I died a lot, but each time I died, I benefitted. Finding the perfect cast of characters for each boss and pulling off perfect strategy is so satisfying. There isn’t a bad character in the game, they are all great for their own skills. And though I wasn’t sure if I’d like the “second job” option, it became really fun really quickly. The game is an eye-gasm to say the least, it’s gorgeous to look at, not to mention the soundtrack that lives in my head rent-free. The voice acting is above and beyond. Needless to say, this game had a death-grip on me and I grew fonder and fonder of it the more I played it. Each character became very special to me. I know this is one of those ‘either you love it or you hate it’ kind of games to people but I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite games I’ve ever played.