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I'm bad at these old style games so I made vicious use of the switch rewind feature, despite that, I love this.
The way in which your play of the game evolves naturally from just running away to gradually working out that you can direct and trick enemies, making snap decisions between chasing down a power-up or not is amazing, and a testament to the game design and tight implementation.
Well worth the time.

The perfect example of an amazing mobile/portable game.
Deep enough to suck hours of time but easy enough to pick up and play at a moments notice that you want to.

Maybe I'm not giving this a chance but I just cant get on with it, I thought the same when I first bought it and trying it again, the concept is fun at least but actually playing it feels like hard work, the enemies are nice and chunky and all my stuff is made of paper.
Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.