I like this game, its rough around the edges but fun once you get into it, a bit simple but it gives off the vibe of a game definitely made by a small team on a tight budget.
That said, I can't actually finish the game because it crashed on a late game level every time, I'd guess this game is probably meant for older computers, maybe I'll finish it one day.

It's fun, not too challenging but has some interesting challenges you can enable.
The skins are a nice touch too, being able to change cosmetics is fun.

I really like this, fun puzzle game.

I'm probably being harsh but so many strategy games just don't balance. This feels like one of them, long periods of gathering barely enough resources for a troop that will die in seconds or concentrating on resource gathering for enemies that will kill all the gatherers.
Not really fun to play, tedious. I'll probably try it again some day I'm probably being mean.

This was cute, its not too complex or lengthy but its well made enough and a fun short platformer.

The Anodyne series is an interesting one, I've thouroughly enjoyed both now and each time I feel I haven't quite grasped what I've played.
There's a density to the games despite their light play time, weaving meta-elements, out of bounds exploration and a just vague enough storyline and lore that the player is left to think on what they've experienced.
The games are such a love letter to things like Zelda and the psx era too. There's a lot to love here and a lot worth exploring.

What a fascinating concept, I love Yume Nikki and its interesting seeing this and thinking 'yeah thats sort of what I'd picture if it was an Atari game'.
Nails the concept completely and gives interesting food for thought.
What if Kikiyama had made a game in a different era? would it have been the same? would it be like this or different?

I knew I'd love this just from a short trailer, a game where you make everything nice and green again? I'm in!.
A cracking game I don't think we've quite hit on whatever deep down feelings that makes this sort of game so satisfying, Splatoon, The Unfinished Swan, games where the mechanics revolve more around changing the environment, reclaiming it are incredibly satisfying and interesting and I'm only happy to see more coming with the hope that developers are starting to see the power of this (I feel) underutilised mechanics.
I also love how the game comes up with some great puzzles for cleaning up the environment, its not straightforward (why would it be?) and as time goes on, complicated systems becomes simpler and satisfying, and sometimes obvious solutions to the games problems will leave you feeling like a dope for not thinking of them (maybe not, maybe im just the dope).
Worth a try if you like city builder style games, its a different sort of game in the same area, but worth a try if you like games in general.
The only downside, not really even a downside is the short length. I'd love another planet to clean up in the future.

I'm bad at these old style games so I made vicious use of the switch rewind feature, despite that, I love this.
The way in which your play of the game evolves naturally from just running away to gradually working out that you can direct and trick enemies, making snap decisions between chasing down a power-up or not is amazing, and a testament to the game design and tight implementation.
Well worth the time.

The perfect example of an amazing mobile/portable game.
Deep enough to suck hours of time but easy enough to pick up and play at a moments notice that you want to.

Maybe I'm not giving this a chance but I just cant get on with it, I thought the same when I first bought it and trying it again, the concept is fun at least but actually playing it feels like hard work, the enemies are nice and chunky and all my stuff is made of paper.
Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.

I really like this, fantastic ...micro game?....toy?
Unfortuantely steam has managed to lose my save twice now and I can't bring myself to go through the start a third time.
Highly recommend.

Honestly much better than you'd expect, feel like Star Fox makes this game but in general the gameplays solid, the elemental system is interesting and theres just enough to do that its fun but not too much that it drags it out, worth giving a go if the price is right.
Don't love the progress being tied to dlc however, caved in and bought a few small dlc items but if you want that 100% the price starts rising fast and honestly its not worth it.
Bit of a shame a sequels unlikely really.

I have fond memories of theme hospital despite I'm pretty sure being pretty terrible at it.
I was then overjoyed to hear that they were ressurecting the series, it was nice to know that some devs hadn't forgotten it and wanted more.
I'm....shelving it though....I'm not sure if its that theres too many levels or maybe that the content for the game was more front loaded but in later levels and stars I've been left feeling like I'm just waiting for stuff to happen in fast forward.
Thats not to give the game any less credit or that I've had a bad time with it, if anything I suppose its almost great that theres too much of it, I haven't even bought dlc yet.
I'll probably be back some day, or maybe I won't, but regardless I've loved my time with it and I'm glad its here.