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I am not going to try and pretend that this review won't be biased in the slightest. The original Lego Star Wars was one of the first games I had ever played and a game I still hold dearly to this day. Going back to play it with my brother again to me back to all the simple fun the game had to offer. As a little kid I loved slowly going through all the levels and uncovering every little secret the game had to offer. I would be contempt even just running around the main hub and swapping between all the characters I unlocked through cheats or playing tag with the Gonk droid.
Actually going back to play the game was still a blast. Yes it is an extremely simple game tailored to small children but I have yet to find someone who doesn't get a kick out of it. Being the first Travelers Tales Lego game a lot of the essential quality of life improvements are missing. No proper spiltscreen exists unless you play the complete saga version which I would recommend over the original in a heartbeat. What was really interesting to me was how tame the comedy elements were. Late Lego Games go so overboard with their jokes that its interesting to see what constitutes for a joke in this game could be just be someone shrugging in a cutscene or hiding behind cover.
Though it is very simplistic, this game I feel is kind of timeless with its charm. It's a game I could easily see kids enjoying today still. At the very least it is what got me into Star Wars which nowadays could very be a bad thing. Regardless, those old memories of me playing this game will hopefully stick with me for a long time.

Since I had gamepass I thought I would give this game a shot since I knew it was so short. Little did I know I would be playing one of the most wholesome and sad games I've played all year. For being such a short experience the game is able to cover so many topics in a way that are subtle and very powerful. Themes of becoming disillusioned with ones culture and finding a home in a foreign land all feel very lived in. I will not begin to say I relate to these experiences given that I am a white boy from the Midwest.
Even given my background I still felt extremally sympathetic to these struggles. The unconditional love on display really reminded me about all my parents have done for me. I'm just gonna come out and say it, this game almost left me crying like a baby. It's such a short sweet experience I just can't recommend it enough. Even if the gameplay is nothing super special, if a game can make me cry you bet I am gonna give it a high recommendation.

An extremely interesting short experience that is basically an interactable music video. The game is only around 6 minutes and has you completing different objectives during different parts of the songs. These objectives range from collecting green cubes, ripping people to shreds and killing god. The best way I could describe it is that its a gay punk warioware.
I would rate it higher if it wasn't frustrating to play. Your not given a whole lot of time to figure out what your even supposed to do or how you play and once you mess up you have to start the whole game over. You should at the very least watch a playthrough of it since it is extremely unique.