Very underwhelming.I love almost everything about this game beside the dull gameplay and awful pacing.It's very handholdy especially the first hour. There's only one way to finish it which ruins any replayablality. But the setting is so good and the game is genuinely funny and well written but it doesn't save it.

The worst of the dlc because of the technical issues alone.The park is the clunkiest map in the series expecially the ferris wheel.Some enemy just won't move.Sometimes the remote hacking device and the grappling hook won't connect, i had to restart the second bomb at the checkpoint because of it.The park backstory is the darkest thing in the arkham franchise and was fun to piece together.The dialogue and voice acting is great as always and the desolate amusement park is gorgeous. After the last cutscene the game immediately crashed sum up pretty well my experience.

The handholding is unbearable. I don't need multiple unskipable dialogue to point me the way forward that's shining and 3 feet away this is actually insulting.I don't remember the other zelda games being that bad. Also couldn't they have just use the right joystick for the camera instead to having to hold L for the entire game this isn't 1997.

What a plot twist turns out you played a ginger the whole time!

The levels with the polar bear cub are masterpieces

It's not a metroidvania at all everything is linear.The only thing that require you to backtrack is the abilities that depends on your size and that's never more than one room.Limiting your abilities on your size is so lazy.It's like playing metroid and having to sacrifice the morphing ball for the speed booster and having to go to a save point to change inbetween.It's a artificial way to make the game longer and a really lazy one.Don't make your game 3 hours next time.