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Oct 26

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If this game were just 8 hours of figuring out made-up languages and using those languages to solve dope language-based puzzled this would be a 5/5. But alas, it is not just that. It also has some meh puzzles, weird stealth sequences, and constant running around and back-tracking.
Aside from some of those negative quirks, this really is one of the most unique puzzle games I've ever played. The process of mastering these fictitious languages is so immensely satisfying. It scratches a similar itch for me that games like Obra Dinn and The Witness scratch. Such a rad concept for a game with a really lovely story and beautiful visual design.
+ Unique, extremely cool, and incredibly satisfying mechanic for a puzzle game
+ Scratched a good mental itch that not many puzzle games do
+ Cool story
+ Beautiful world design
- Some iffy puzzles that distract from the cool language learning
- Way way way too much running around and back-tracking
- Really needs some sort of map

I 100%'d What the Golf? so I thought I would be down for some more of that kind of game. Turns out I was wrong.
If you thought What the Car? would be just like What the Golf? but with a car instead of golfing, well you'd be right. There's not really much to it beyond that. Also, while Golf is arguably better on a phone, I think this game will be a lot better with a controller. Steering an on-screen steering wheel with you finger sucks.

I played and 100%'d the original Ridiculous Fishing back when it originally came out and loved it. This remaster is a great re-release of essentially the same game with I guess some fun new stuff. It just sucks that it buries a lot of the new stuff in NG+ that requires a full play-through of the base game first to unlock. I did eventually make my way through the game. Once I did, it was like "Hey you unlocked cool new fish that aren't in the base game! Lose all money and upgrades and play again to see the new fish!" lol no. No way. I would have loved to experience the new content on my first play. Oh well.
The other new content is a daily challenge mode. I tried it once and it was neat I guess. Listen if you've never played Ridiculous Fishing, give it a shot. It's rad. If you've already played it, I don't really think there's anything here to justify playing it again unless you're a gigantic fan.