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An incredibly fun and stylish rhythm game that is at its best when you're constantly moving & fighting, and at its weakest when you're putzin' around breaking boxes and doing awkward platforming.
This is maybe the most stylish game I've played in a long time - everything from the visual art style, to the fantastic use of music and rhythm... it has such a good vibe to it. From the very first moment I was walking around the environment and saw all the trees, lights, and miscellaneous objects moving and bouncing to the rhythm as every one of your character's footfalls hit on the beat, I realized this game was special. Getting into the groove during a combat encounter where you're flying from enemy to enemy, parrying attacks, pulling off combos, and doing it all on-beat is incredibly satisfying. However, that sweet flow often comes to a screeching halt when finishing a fight dumps you into a large area where instead of flowing to the rhythm, you're just wandering around, breaking boxes, and looking for collectibles. It's a weirdly jarring transition, even if it is still in-time with the music.
Personally, I think the jump from wandering around, to cool on-rails rhythmic sliding section, to fast-paced awesome combat section, to slow platforming section feels very disjointed. Whenever I get tossed into a big area to break a bunch of boxes and hunt for collectibles, I feel like I’m playing Ratchet and Clank, not a cool rhythm game. This might be a controversial take, but I think a better version of this game is one that is mostly on-rails with cool rhythmic traversal sections between combat encounters.
The writing and dialogue for the game is incredibly cheesy and a bit cringey. Chai, the main character, is pretty insufferable through most of the game and had me rolling my eyes constantly. And yet… somehow despite it all, I still ended up getting attached to the little idiot and the rest of the fun characters in the game, especially 808.
Overall, Hi-Fi Rush is a damn blast. It has some of the best-feeling combat in recent memory thanks to its rhythmic core, and had me tapping my foot along with the music throughout the entire game. During its dynamic sections it sings, but some of the static-feeling interludes keep it from feeling perfect.
+ Fantastic integration of rhythm game into combat and other gameplay
+ Fun soundtrack with a nice mix of original and licensed music
+ Incredible style both in the overall game and the fun 2D animated cutscenes
+ Great cast of characters even if the dialogue is cheesy as heck
- Slow exploration sections breakup the flow
- Awkward, slow platforming

An absolutely brilliant game that I couldn’t stop playing, even if the zombies and gratuitous brutality left me in a constant state of discomfort.
I’m not a huge horror guy. In fact, I pretty strongly dislike the genre. I avoid all scary movies and video games like the plague. I also generally have pretty bad anxiety; suspenseful situations really do a number on my stomach. Additionally, grotesque violence gets to me a bit, especially violence against animals. So you may be wondering - “Why in the world did you play The Last of Us 2?” Good question. I honestly don’t know what compelled me to play this. Every aspect of this game was pushing against me and shoving me so incredibly far out of my comfort zone, and yet I couldn’t put the game down. The only reason I stopped playing in the evenings was because it scared the crap out of me. Despite the fear and constant anxiety I experienced while playing the game, I looked forward to playing more of it every day because I was just so dang invested in the story.
It’s difficult to talk about the story without getting into spoilers, but I truly think it is one of the best stories in video games right up there with Red Dead Redemption 2. I cared about the characters and the story so much that I found myself getting actually angry with decisions they made and how things shook out. I was fully in. I could’ve done without the zombies but I’m grateful that there were enough accessibility settings in the game to make the zombie encounters a bit easier.
The gameplay is a nice step-up from the previous game. All the upgrades were worthwhile and noticeable enough that it encouraged me to scavenge for whatever I could find... Even if 25% of the crap you find are collectibles that feel so tonally out-of-place for your character to get excited about while you’re fighting for your life. “Oh neat. I don’t have this card yet!” moments after you brutally murder six people and their pet dog.
The Last of Us: Part II is honestly brilliant. The fact that someone like me, who hates scary games and has awful anxiety, couldn’t put the game down should tell you all you need to know. Reality the only thing I’d change in the game, aside from the zombies, is how gratuitous a lot of the violence i, especially the violence against dogs. I understand that the point of the game is for you to grapple with the terrible stuff you’re doing and I get that the violence in the game is so brutal and realistic intentionally to make you uncomfortable, but I personally don't think "realistic violence in video games" is a thing I was ever really missing from my life.
+ Brilliant writing
+ Incredible acting
+ Great gameplay improvements
+ Fantastic accessibility options
- Violence and brutality feels gratuitous
- Collectibles are dumb

Annoying and not fun combat gets in the way of exploring a beautiful world full of intrigue and puzzles.
Tunic has a bit of an identity crisis - is it Fez? A 2D Zelda? A Souls-like? It attempts to answers all of those questions with "yes" and then trips over itself while trying to deliver one cohesive experience. If this were a 2D Zelda with Fez-like puzzles to solve, this would be a dream. But for whatever weird reason, the devs decided they wanted this to have ultra challenging combat encounters that are frankly just not fun.
Across the board, every podcast I listened to recommended two things with the game.
1. Don't look up any guides if you can help it
2. Put the game on "No Fail" mode.
It's a pretty wild that the best way to experience this game is to not engage with 50% of the mechanics in it.
I loved bumming around the beautiful world finding stuff and solving puzzles, even if sometimes the weird geometry of the world made finding secrets more about running into every hidden corner and less about carefully studying the world to discover things. There were a few moments in this game where I figured something out and I openly laughed out loud at the brilliance of it. It's got some incredibly cool stuff in it especially if you like solving puzzles but boy do I wish I could make the combat easier without simply making myself invulnerable.
+ Beautiful world
+ Incredibly satisfying puzzle-solving
+ Fantastic soundtrack
- Bad and overly difficult combat
- No variable difficulty settings - it's either hard or you're invincible.
- Finding secrets can feel random