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The game has a lot of personality and the first couple levels are fun but it takes a steep nosedive into unfair bullshit. And whoever designed those ice levels and the horrible final boss with regenerating health should be tried at the Hague.

I played this out of morbid curiosity and it was even worse than I expected. There's less story here than even Final Fantasy I and none of the characters have any personality. There isn't even an ending, if you defeat the final boss (who's just hanging out in the hub area) you simply return to the hub area as if nothing happened. I guess you have to imagine what would happen next.

The gameplay is boring as well. It's your basic RPG Maker combat with nothing to set it apart. The gameplay loop just involves going to several dungeons and grinding until you're strong enough to beat the final boss. All weapons and items are available to buy at the beginning so it's just a matter of getting enough money to buy the best gear.

And on top of all that it's buggy and sloppy in execution. For some reason I was unable to equip the witch character with any weapons, even the ones they supposedly could use. Many item descriptions don't match what they do, such as a shield that can only be equipped as a weapon or caps that are actually chest armor. The whole thing is a mess. I wouldn't be as harsh if the developer wasn't charging money for this crap and it didn't have tons of pay-to-win DLC. It's an absolute embarrassment of an RPG.

I didn't think this game was THAT bad. While the level design does drop off near the end and the physics do suck, there's still some fun to be had in some of the earlier levels. Calling this game Sonic 4 makes its flaws stand out more since such an unambitious and minimalistic game doesn't really seem like a worthy followup to S3&K.

I can understand hating this game back when it came out, since it really feels like several steps backward and an overcorrection after the disaster of 06. But after all this time, knowing that the series wouldn't continue down this path, it's hard to muster up a strong reaction to this one. It's just mediocre.