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Do not be tricked, this game is nothing like the first game.
The combat and gameplay loop of Salt and Sacrifice is the absolute worst parts of half baked souls clones and oddly enough monster hunter.
The enemies leave no room for retaliation and require dodging 5 times and hitting them once.
The gear upgrades, character progression, and crafting system are so boring and unrewarding it makes it unbearable.
I dropped it after getting to the second mini area after realizing it would just be more of the same. Skip this

It's the best free to play game I've ever played.
It's peak, very well supported, and infinitely replayable.

Amazing game, but there are a lot of problems.
Act 1 has noticeably more content and love put into it compared to the other acts. This wouldn't normally bother me, but the sheer amount of party interaction and reactivity from the world seemingly completely dropping of the LATER the game goes on is strange.
The game is worth the price, but I would wait a little bit longer for more patches.