This is really fun. Great game about running around very fast and walloping enemies--the movement feels wonderful once you get it down, though it's a little tricky to start.
I like the soundtrack quite a lot, has a lot going on and a bunch of different styles. An important thing this game gets right is that when, at the end of levels, you have to backtrack and escape them, the music is overridden by the escape theme, and the theme is really good and you don't get sick of it or miss the original level theme that much--a lot of games botch that, I think. The artstyle is a delight as well; I wanna say it's somewhere between a handful of 90s-early 2000s cartoons and the weird Czech episodes of Tom and Jerry? Doing it's own thing also though.
It's maybe a little too maximalist for me personally? I had to play it in 1-2 hour intervals because there's just so much going on it would wear me down a little, but I enjoyed it a lot all the same.

Reviewed on Feb 02, 2023