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Almanac of Girlswampwar Territory & The Girls Who Swim as Fertilizer Through the Warm Soil Cloaking the Roots of the Glorious Tree of Eugenics: Giving Birth to a Black Hole in a Walmart Parking Lot at 1am
Almanac of Girlswampwar Territory & The Girls Who Swim as Fertilizer Through the Warm Soil Cloaking the Roots of the Glorious Tree of Eugenics: Giving Birth to a Black Hole in a Walmart Parking Lot at 1am
Apartment Life to Cuck and Impregnate Neighboring Busty Married Women
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Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel
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Gay Sex Adventures: Episode 1

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I feel like I was robbed of this game as a child. Little [insert my name here] would have been rotating this game with like Ocarina of Time and Diddy Kong Racing on a Saturday morning if it was released in the U.S.

I blew through this game because this is a dumb game for dumb babies with little baby brains. Once you get the Vertical Gun it's essentially over for all the anime archetype hoes you have to fight.

What the N64 was capable of doing blows my mind. I think it's because most other N64 games were not focused on this kind of action. It's a shame the developers only did Custom Robo and never had a chance to develop on the idea further past the DS. Now having played and beat this, Custom Robo really never developed gameplay-wise beyond this point. They just put slightly different conceptual versions of this game out on the Gamecube and DS. The N64 version was kind of framed like a Pokemon kind of deal. The Gamecube version goes for a kind of adult Mega Man Battle Network. The DS version folds into an in-between. Everyone of them you just spam buttons until you get an unintentionally broken weapon that you mega-spam until you see credits. Kind of a shame really.

Despite it being piss easy, I had fun. The color usage for the textures and backgrounds is good. There is one character who I really think paved the way for kids of the future. A charming shit-talking hype beast who uses a female Robo despite being a dude. I might be out of the loop, but there really isn't a lot of games out there for kids where all the kids in it are shitty and annoying to each other, just like in reality. Custom Robo is for the children!

There was a GamePro magazine in early 2000's that had an April Fools Day section every April and the jokes used to bang. There was a Custom Hobo spot in the section that absolutely killed me and the other 12 year olds who could read. This information has nothing to do with anything, but if I die and this account is all that's left of my memory, let it be that I laughed at people being customized with beer bottles and shit filled sweatpants to fight each other in bloodsport -- before my mortal shell was eviscerated by Chinese laser drones in WW3 to uphold Nvidia's stock price.

I want to say something about this game because god fucking DAMN this game is good, but I don't know what to say. So I'm just going to ramble. If you hate this review, feel free to tell me to eat a dick in the comments below.

I watched no less than 12 gaming presentations this month. Twelve. All showing off games of budgets and productions both big and small. I am maybe going to buy three or four games of the hundreds I've seen. Metal Slug Tactics, Motordoom, Selaco, and maybe that new Astrobot game. There's more on my Steam wishlist but they don't have release dates or are coming out in 2025, 2026, etc. Trust me, I'm going to be all over Expedition 33 and Deep State when they eventually come out.

There's still a fuckton of games coming out before the end of this year. I'm not excited to touch any of them. It feels like a dumptruck of garbage games were dumped into my brain space and fell out of my ears on arrival. They all look like mid or ass. I been around the block a time or two. I can pick a game apart within 30 seconds of seeing gameplay. That might just be me becoming more picky with what I choose to spend my time with. It might just be that newer video games as a whole are really formulaic and boring. I find myself in a place in life where a game being just alright is becoming more and more of an egregious sin of my time and energy. I love the games industry, and want everyone to be able to eat and live; but if you ask me, the sooner the video game market crashes, the better.

Have I, at the age of 31, crashed out on gaming? Am I too old and jaded to slop down on the new gachas and live services all the people I know play? They are so BORING. I don't feel passion or love or real art. I see indistguishible jerk bait waifus and dead on arrival live services. Am I boomer now? Am I cooked, chat?

No. No I am not. Because I bought Fallen Aces and it put everything into perspective for me.

I have never, in my entire life, gotten such a good game for such a cheap price. Ten dollars USD is the introductory price for Fallen Aces. In return you get to beat the shit out of goons in the most entertaining and creative of ways. I am in love with this thing. It's old school as fuck in the right ways. Every level is packed to the brim with secrets, wise guys that need a good kick the head, and a lot of fucking sharks. It's not even THAT much of a boomer shooter, it's more aligned with an immersive sim where you are beating the shit out goons with your fists or shit you found off the ground. Guess what, beating the shit out of people feels really good.

New Blood are high-key saviors of gaming if your tastes lie outside of what's in vogue in gaming right now. The levels are really well done, the combat is really well done, the difficulty is just right, the humor is tight, the violence is good, the voice acting is pulp-y and stellar. Shoutout Gianni Matragrano.

I am back in the right headspace, baby. After playing Episode 1 of Fallen Aces, I'm more pumped and patient for other things (as sparse as they may be) to come out and enjoy. The market may be crashing, but I'm not. Fallen Aces has been really therapeutic for me in a very real and genuine way.

Bet: Because it's Star Wars it will last not one, but two years before being taken offline. Microtransactions won't be refunded. Glup Shitto DLC canceled.