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[watched a friend play it]
translation was absolutely atrocious (unfinished, inconsistent, full of errors, localised shit that was already localised and made everything confusing, downright incomprehensible at times, everything that could go wrong did) and really held back my enjoyment, but this stuff aside i actually had a great time! the ensemble cast i didn't think was as strong as an "official" danganronpa game has them, but i could definitely see value in this

Dumb person's idea of a smart game.

Its genius. Unbridled chaotic energy, and totally unpredictable. You wont be able to put it down.

The intertwining stories of each character mesh really well, but the game-y elements considerably drags them down.
Analyzing the plot or trying to critique it would take length, yeah some plot twists are very cliché but overall the writing does a great job weaving the stories to cross and overlap.
428 tries to balance your experience by barring the continuation of one story too far unless you catch up with other characters, choices here affect characters there and so on, but it gets tedious through the third quarter, requiring you to pick specific combinations to progress, I honestly needed to google a few points to be able to continue.
428 is a LONG visual novel, taking over 30 hrs with me to wrap it up, unless you suffer from a short attention span I'd recommend you try it.

Pure, unfiltered, unadulterated fun. Full motion video games and Visual Novels have fused together to unleash their full potential. Absolute clusterfuck of a story coupled with unrivaled cheese and unforgettable characters, everyone really looked like they were having the time of their lives behind the scenes.
It loses a few points for how cryptic and tedious it might be to progress the story if you get one of the very funny bad endings and don't know which character caused it and the whole thing about the true ending having you spare a bioterrorist because killing people is wrong somewhat irks me but aside from that, it's a must read for sure.
I wish this was more talked about in the VN circle but VN nerds are too busy praising anime tits mcgee spouting high-school tier philosophy lessons while getting fucked by dogs or something.
Achi Endo is the most based character in all of fiction. Don't forget to recycle.

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