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Me when the mastermind is exposed and goes back to being dead in the span of 5 minutes without getting a single line of dialogue after her reveal.

This review contains spoilers

What did LINUJ mean by toning down the misoginy and cranking up the incest compared to the first game.

I should've played FES instead.

Maybe the appeal of teenage life in high-school would've been stronger had I not played this as a teenager in high school.

This review contains spoilers

Few games have the main character spend most of the game unknowingly shipping incest.

The superior murder-mystery game about witches.

A 5-star first half + 1-star second half = A 2.5 star whole.

Great game for people who want to feel smart but don't want to read books.

An art gallery in playable form and i mean that in the nicest way possible.

Changing this review as soon as this game gets a proper translation so i dont have to rely on a let's play. Until than however, i can say that this does manage to look like a worthy followup to 428.

Maybe i just don't like Uchikoshi.

For every hit, two more misses. That is how i could describe the V3 experience. Incredibly well designed mysteries unfortunately can't salvage a cast of flimsy characters brought together by an even flimsier plot that both feels like it tries too hard to be original while also repeating the same mistakes as the previous two games at an agonizing pace. Not the worst the genre has to offer, but your time is better spent elsewhere.

Talk about a game carried by three good characters and a dream. For better or for worse, this is when Danganronpa truly becomes the franchise it is today and we are left to deal with the consequences.