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WreckiitBeckett finished LEGO Harry Potter Collection
So i recently platinumed this game on PS4 (Years 1-4 so far) Which are also the movies i'm mostly familiar with and quite enjoyed a first playthough and this is the first lego game i've actually gotten into
Grinding to find the rest of the gold blocks and other collectables after the game was over was a bit of a time sink and some of them were annoying to find but it's an easy platinum if you've got the patience.
Graphically it's okay, it's a lego game so there's no much to really say but it didn't look bad, some parts in cutscenes looked quite nice
Combat (what there is) is fine, easy to use mosty it's just shoot your magic wand (Get your mind out of the gutter) or throwing something at an enemy to defeat them
Soundtracks okay, it's mostly just the same as the movies and sometimes you might find your humming along to the tunes as you're getting lost around Hogwarts like i did.
I do wish this had a map for sure!
Definitely worth a play if you like lego games.

11 days ago

WreckiitBeckett commented on WreckiitBeckett's review of Yakuza 0
Took me until about Chapter 3-4 to really get going but once it does it gets really good, bit of a slow buidler, ParanoiaAgent :)

14 days ago

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