Destroy All Humans
For me this was a childhood classic. something i loved playing growing up and also on Ps now just a few months ago. After that, this remake was announced and i won't lie, i threw my wallet at my screen.
So if you've played the original you'll know what a fantastic game it was, there was so much fun to be had, but if you're playing this for the first time, you're in for a fun ride.
So let's get straight into the gameplay, so much has been improved on by Black Forest Games, for one, it's a tonne smoother, gliding through the air on your jetpack whilst shooting puny humans and blowing up everything in sight has never been easier and felt so smooth. Controls are very simple, easy to access which gun you want to use, using the jetpack, PK abilities, holobob and more!
The missions are near exact to the originals with some slight tweaks here or there with added cutscenes to improve an already brilliant game.
During the Rockwell mission, you holobob the mayor and answer questions to keep the crowd happy, there was also more of this introduced in later missions which were very welcome.
The ufo is very easy to control, just glide around as you'd expect, smoothly and turning just as well, you get all the weapons in the original but to Crypto and the saucer, there are so many more upgrades to get making popping people's heads even more worth it!
So graphically this game imo is beautiful, compare it to the original and you can easily see the level of detail has been put into the graphics to really make this game blast forward into 2020. Now, is it the best graphical game of this generation? probably not but it doesn't take away from the fact that it's a beautiful game with great lighting, textures, ray tracing and overall fantastic detail.
As most games, it's not without it's bugs, i came across a few cars casually driving in mid air up the street and a random person morphing with a building but nothing more since. In the original, when destroying building they would simply just collapse and weren't as destructive as you'd expect BUT in this remake, blowing building up, hearing the explosions and seeing it crumble to bits really makes you feel like the terror has just begun.
We obviously return with Crypto and the classic Pox in this remake, these two miscreants still have their entertaining banter and witty remarks they throw at eachother which makes them a treat to watch during cutscenes and even during the missions. The npc's have also been recreated from the ground up with a more cartoonish look but the style and design is unique and fits perfectly rather than realistic people.
There are still the main characters from the game such as the general, president and more (no spoilers)
Thankfully, even the levels are near exact the same as the original, as expected, some tweaks here or there for great improvements but the layouts are exactly the same with greater details. Turnipseed Farm, Rockwell, Santa Modesta, Area 42, Union Town, Capitol City
The sound in Destroy All Humans Remake, has been greatly improved on. In some instances you will hear original audio from the original game but with a greater quality and no recaptured which i find to be a really nice touch. Other improvements are levels such as Turnipseed farm, you can hear birds chirping very nicely in such a rural environment, obviously busier towns take away a little bit from this and focus more on the surroundings such as more people talking, the Rockwell fair and even the squeaking of cars where people.....well you know the rest.
The weapon sounds have also been greatly improved with the Zap-o-matic sounding alot more like a big Taser and not a faulty plug hanging off the wall, shooting fireballs has never felt so good as it sounds as you'd expect, like a ball of fire being shot although i'm not sure how we'd really expect that to sound lol
This goes for the weapons on the saucer aswell, Shooting the death ray sounds like you could very well shoot through the building and leave a smoldering crater in the earth and don't even get me started on how much i love the quantum de-constructer.
Overall the sound quality in this has been greatly improved and really adds to the gameplay and enjoyment.
In conclusion, after playing this as a youngster i am extremely happy with this remake, it takes me back to being a 13 year old that purely wanted to destroy the human race or use the PK ability to hold someone in mid air and drop them onto a car to hear the thud....i was a sick kid
Gameplay for me is brilliant, fun to play, easy to use and i could just sit around demolishing the cities all day, not to mention the probe collectables you can get on every level!
There is plenty to do, missions are very fun, optional mission objectives makes the missions even more fun and there is challenges to complete on each town which get more difficult as you go on
Very fun, Very Smooth, sounds great and an experience for everyone to enjoy!

Reviewed on Nov 23, 2022