So i recently platinumed this game on PS4 (Years 1-4 so far) Which are also the movies i'm mostly familiar with and quite enjoyed a first playthough and this is the first lego game i've actually gotten into
Grinding to find the rest of the gold blocks and other collectables after the game was over was a bit of a time sink and some of them were annoying to find but it's an easy platinum if you've got the patience.
Graphically it's okay, it's a lego game so there's no much to really say but it didn't look bad, some parts in cutscenes looked quite nice
Combat (what there is) is fine, easy to use mosty it's just shoot your magic wand (Get your mind out of the gutter) or throwing something at an enemy to defeat them
Soundtracks okay, it's mostly just the same as the movies and sometimes you might find your humming along to the tunes as you're getting lost around Hogwarts like i did.
I do wish this had a map for sure!
Definitely worth a play if you like lego games.

This could of been a really good game!
I like these sort of Tycoon/Simulator games and setting up my own internet cafe was something i've never done in a game before
It has it's fun aspects, setting up tables, computers making money to set up high end pc's and consoles to make more money and it has the potential to be really good and fun
It does have an addictive manner to it
However, i couldn't wait to get this game finished (achievement wise) so i could never play it again
Each time i'd go to the menu or reload the game i'd come back and find all my tables, chairs literally everything yeeted around the joint, you'd have to close to set everything back up again just for it to keep disconnecting everything and finding the mouse you're missing half way up the alleyway behind a rubbish bag
not a fun time at all, graphics are alright but the physics are completely wack and my testicles are no longer in the right place
I'm honestly glad i got this for free from a good friend
Pretty easy achievements if that's what you're going for, if you're looking to buy a good, legit internet cafe game don't buy this one

Weirdly a fun game, Graphics obviously aren't the best but i've not uninstalled it yet and there's more to do. you can make bombs out of burgers, If you have IBS like me we don't need the burger bombs to make your stomachs cry...i don't know where i'm going with this, game is fun 10/Patty MCD

I only played the Original DAH 2 once when i was younger, so getting to play this remake was fantastic!
I personally feel the first games remake was a little better than this one but i enjoyed it just as much and being a first playthrough due to not remembering the original well was alot of fun!
Graphics are brilliant, there's been some bugs like npc's floating around the pavement like they're in a car but just suspended in mid-air and some other graphical ones but nothing game breaking or bad at all, nothing takes away from the fun of this game
Combat and controls are mostly the same to the original remake, easy to get to grips with and fun, i played on Mouse/KB and had no issues at all
Soundtrack is decent, i do like the little tune that plays when it shows the title of missions though
Plus the new weapons mixed in with original ones are great fun and gives you plenty of stuff to use
There's side quests along with main quests and most quests have optional objectives to complete if you're going for the 100% like i will be
As of writing this i'm already on 30 hours and that's just completing the game and collecting all collectables so far, these hours will be rising further!
Great game, should definitely play it

BULLY! Who doesn't love Bully!?
Bully Scholarship edition also now as canis canem edit, is a game where you play as a boy names Jimmy, a trouble maker who constantly gets expelled and is dropped off at some scummy school with people i am pretty sure will fail every lesson they have, I won't spoil incase there's anyone who hasn't played it but if that is so then.....WHAT THE HELL GO PLAY IT!
Bully's characters are very unique and i haven't played any game with characters quite like it, especially with your first playthrough. Some have side quests and you will have your main missions and also collectibles around the entire map which are great fun to find with the hidden easter eggs and interesting people.
The lessons are interactive such as English class or science where you actually dissect animals. There are 5 lessons to pass of each lesson at certain times on the timetable whilst having god knows what happen around the school.
You also get cool weapons just as marbles to trip people infront of the doors after setting off a fire alarm to a slingshot and also various transport options! Ofcourse with any school games there is also detention.
This was released on ps2 originally then also came out on xbox 360 and others ( i think ) So graphically the game has ages into todays games but for the time the graphics aren't bad at all and still live up to expectations today.
One of the most fun games i've ever played with so much to do for 100%

Alot of people have different opinions on this one but i for one enjoyed the game.
However, there was alot from the original that was missed out or cut and some of the main story was missed.
Although the game visually fantastic and the world around you looks great it feels like the game was very much shortened, not just gameplay wise but the world around you aswell.
Characters i liked, Carlos was the biggest badass in this and you only play as him twice.
The annoying bullet sponging zombies are back in this one which i still think belong only in the harder game modes and not in standard or lower.
It felt like this game cut alot of corners considering the OG and alot of things didn't make sense because of what i was used to on the original game.
This felt more like a long demo rather than it's own remake.
Something that bugged me a bit, was the fact you don't even go into the clocktower and there's only 2-3 puzzles which are really easy and left no challenge to that aspect of the game.
Next, the inferno mode + S ranks was easy once you get the defence medals and attack ones mixed with a Rocket launcher, only challenge at that point is the very final form and just dodging
I did enjoy the playthrough though and felt like a badass everytime i beat nemesis even though nemesis didn't feel like the main bad guy in this and more of a tanked up super super zombie. Mr X definitely scared me alot more than nemmy.
I would recommend though for past players and new players of RE3 as i enjoyed the game mostly even though i beat it in 6 hours 20 as of this review.

Destroy All Humans
For me this was a childhood classic. something i loved playing growing up and also on Ps now just a few months ago. After that, this remake was announced and i won't lie, i threw my wallet at my screen.
So if you've played the original you'll know what a fantastic game it was, there was so much fun to be had, but if you're playing this for the first time, you're in for a fun ride.
So let's get straight into the gameplay, so much has been improved on by Black Forest Games, for one, it's a tonne smoother, gliding through the air on your jetpack whilst shooting puny humans and blowing up everything in sight has never been easier and felt so smooth. Controls are very simple, easy to access which gun you want to use, using the jetpack, PK abilities, holobob and more!
The missions are near exact to the originals with some slight tweaks here or there with added cutscenes to improve an already brilliant game.
During the Rockwell mission, you holobob the mayor and answer questions to keep the crowd happy, there was also more of this introduced in later missions which were very welcome.
The ufo is very easy to control, just glide around as you'd expect, smoothly and turning just as well, you get all the weapons in the original but to Crypto and the saucer, there are so many more upgrades to get making popping people's heads even more worth it!
So graphically this game imo is beautiful, compare it to the original and you can easily see the level of detail has been put into the graphics to really make this game blast forward into 2020. Now, is it the best graphical game of this generation? probably not but it doesn't take away from the fact that it's a beautiful game with great lighting, textures, ray tracing and overall fantastic detail.
As most games, it's not without it's bugs, i came across a few cars casually driving in mid air up the street and a random person morphing with a building but nothing more since. In the original, when destroying building they would simply just collapse and weren't as destructive as you'd expect BUT in this remake, blowing building up, hearing the explosions and seeing it crumble to bits really makes you feel like the terror has just begun.
We obviously return with Crypto and the classic Pox in this remake, these two miscreants still have their entertaining banter and witty remarks they throw at eachother which makes them a treat to watch during cutscenes and even during the missions. The npc's have also been recreated from the ground up with a more cartoonish look but the style and design is unique and fits perfectly rather than realistic people.
There are still the main characters from the game such as the general, president and more (no spoilers)
Thankfully, even the levels are near exact the same as the original, as expected, some tweaks here or there for great improvements but the layouts are exactly the same with greater details. Turnipseed Farm, Rockwell, Santa Modesta, Area 42, Union Town, Capitol City
The sound in Destroy All Humans Remake, has been greatly improved on. In some instances you will hear original audio from the original game but with a greater quality and no recaptured which i find to be a really nice touch. Other improvements are levels such as Turnipseed farm, you can hear birds chirping very nicely in such a rural environment, obviously busier towns take away a little bit from this and focus more on the surroundings such as more people talking, the Rockwell fair and even the squeaking of cars where people.....well you know the rest.
The weapon sounds have also been greatly improved with the Zap-o-matic sounding alot more like a big Taser and not a faulty plug hanging off the wall, shooting fireballs has never felt so good as it sounds as you'd expect, like a ball of fire being shot although i'm not sure how we'd really expect that to sound lol
This goes for the weapons on the saucer aswell, Shooting the death ray sounds like you could very well shoot through the building and leave a smoldering crater in the earth and don't even get me started on how much i love the quantum de-constructer.
Overall the sound quality in this has been greatly improved and really adds to the gameplay and enjoyment.
In conclusion, after playing this as a youngster i am extremely happy with this remake, it takes me back to being a 13 year old that purely wanted to destroy the human race or use the PK ability to hold someone in mid air and drop them onto a car to hear the thud....i was a sick kid
Gameplay for me is brilliant, fun to play, easy to use and i could just sit around demolishing the cities all day, not to mention the probe collectables you can get on every level!
There is plenty to do, missions are very fun, optional mission objectives makes the missions even more fun and there is challenges to complete on each town which get more difficult as you go on
Very fun, Very Smooth, sounds great and an experience for everyone to enjoy!

The Graphics to Star Wars Battlefront II are pretty good considering it's mainly a online shooter-esk game, the online multiplayer was quite fun from what i remember playing but it's much more fun with friendo's.
Combat is similar to the 2005 battlefront II with it being shooter based until you have enough to unlock a Jedi/Sith and smash some pasties with a lightsaber whilst every enemy possible is aiming laser guns your way!
it's smooth, easy to play with and just go out and enjoy your Darth Maul fantasies.
Story mode to this wasn't all that great, things happened, i've already forgotten but i'm sure there's plenty of gamers out there who love the story and enjoyed playing through it
It's a fairly easy Platinum aswell, takes some time though and you have to play different game modes doing certain things but it's mostly obtainable just by normally playing the game through
It's fun for us star wars fans!

Sleeping Dogs is a game i played originally on the Xbox 360 and just had to get the definitive edition when they were released, first on Xbox one and then on PS4 once i got the console. This is one of those games i've completed multiple times across different platforms because i loved the game so much
Graphically the game is nice, it's definitely last Gen graphics but it still looks good, a remake of this game with ps5 power and graphics would make this game look phenominal and i can dream right?
Driving mechanics can take a little to get used to, you tend to fly around corners and turning is very hit & miss sometimes but once you get used to it it's not that bad
Combat is fun! It's martial arts based and you press Triangle to counter enemy kicks and punches then hit them back with your own moved, it's a little timing based but not quite QTE's. You can find collectables to uprade your skills and attacks and also health, stamina and use weapons around you and even the enviroment, who doesn't love slapping someone with a live fish you've just picked up from a fish tank you've just smashed using an enemies skull right?
You can also get different vehicles to use, some you buy some from missions and there's KARAOKE! Who doesn't love that and they've got some banging songs on there too with more you can unlock!
Story in my opinion is quite good when you think about what's happening with the characters and where the story goes later on in the game, also you get to date Emma stone, best game 10/10? i think so!
If you've not played this amazing game, pick it up! one day we may get a remaster or even a sequel!

This was one of my first playstation games when i got a playstation 4 console and loved every second of it
I watched a youtuber play this and wanted to play it so badly, it was worth the wait!
Graphically the game is really nice, nothing amazing but it still looks nice with all the colour and surrounding map
Combat from what i remember was smooth and easy to get to grips with, just shooting magic plasma balls of Justice at enemies and power ups is quite fun although some enemies until you know how to take them down can get fairly annoying at times.
Story wise, i'm not gonna lie i don't really remember what happened or what the story was about but that's not to say it's not good, i honestly just have a memory like a squashed spider. I do remember though you can choose to be good or bad in this game and depending on what your actions are will take you down either path, i believe you could be "neutral" aswell
This is an easy platinum though aswell, trophies are easy to pick up, some just take a little bit of time but it's all worth it and the game is fun so you can't really go wrong with this one.

Originally played this on PS4 and completed the story but i didn't really enjoy it overly that much but after getting the PS5 upgrade i seemed to enjoy the game alot more
Got the platinum on the PS5 version and it was much better in my opinion
Graphically Fallen Order looks really good, it's a nice looking game and i didn't notice many textures bugs or glitches throughout
The combat was fun though, Stormtroopers shooting towards you and just flicking the bullets back at them with one flick of the saber was fun and the combat with unlockable perks was great to use and tutorials to go along with it.
Story wise it's good but it didn't pull me in quite as much as other games have in the past but it's still a fun game to enjoy if you're a Star Wars fan
you can go back to planets afterwards aswell to get the rest of any collectibles missed and obtaining the 100% on every map exploration was a bit of a pain at times but there's plenty of guides that can help with that if you're stuck for any reason.
Good game, Good story, fun and a nice soundtrack to go along with it
You can also choose to have a double saber (RIP MAUL) and customise your saber with different parts and colours and change the colour of the lightsabers laser too

First Yakuza game i've ever played and i loved every minute!
Graphically the game looks really nice, it's not the most beautfiul game but it's definitely one to look around ona nd enjoy the small details
The story to this takes a little to get into but once you get sucked in you just wanna see what more there is coming and see where the story leads
There is also plenty of side quests and collectibles to find and do which are very funny and some serious ones too but it's a fantastic adventure
The soundtrack is great and one of my favourite activities is the dancing in the club, although on easy because i'm too dumb to do the fast ones, there's baseball and bowling to do aswell, you'll also be able to start your own gentlemens club aswell which has alot you can do with it if your'e willing to spend the time, there's so much available and this is definitely worth the play
Kiwami is next!

I played this originally on the Xbox 360 and was my first major JRPG game which opened up a whole new world for me in the JRPG genre!
So Graphically the game is decent, it's your normal JRPG open world graphics but when you come into new towns the game looks nice but man those full anime cutscenes really make this game look outstanding and are used at the perfect moments for the story
The story is a great experience too, without spoilers it's definitely worth playing this for the story, the characters you mean along the way also make it quite fun although half the time the characters act like idiots in the sense of "this is a door, you can open them" which makes it quite funny at times
You can change characters titles, costumes if you have the DLC and also what armour, ect that they are all using, you can tell which character to prioritise with fighting or healing and when to go all in or heal and be safe
There is a cooking menu too for which you learn recipes along the way to create food to heal and give buffs.
This is also split screen co-op but without the splitscreen, the 2nd player can only join when there's a battle (that i'm aware of) so you can enjoy a story and both battle when it matters!
You can also choose when or if a AI can use a healing or other items to control your fights and inventory
The soundtrack to this game is also amazing, the intro is my favourite in the entire series but Berseria is close behind, as is zestiria... THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD!

Played this on the ps1 growing up and loved every second of it, even the dodgy jumping and combat
nostalgia hits hard

I absolutely love this game!
I played this on day 1 release on PS4 originally and didn't have any bugs or issues but it was obviously not finished
After 2ish years i got it on Steam and loved the game, the updates have made this game so much more playable and smooth, it's a fun game and you can sink hours into this game
Graphically it looks beautiful especially with the ray tracing enabled and graphics on the highest settings, unless your PC is a monster it may lose frames with the ray tracing but it's not a necessity but really does look amazing
Story is good but not the most amazing story to experience but it's something to enjoy atleast, there's ALOT of side quests you can do and side jobs to keep you busy, level up and find more cars and weapons to use which can help alot later in the main missions. It's definitely worth playing
Combat is great, like the witcher games you just choose which weapons you want to use and it tells you which guns are better than others although using your mighty katana's is where it's at! Those beasts will tear through anyone!
The driving can sometimes take a little to adjust too but once you're used to it, it's not so bad, i prefer driving with the camera on the inside of the car but sometimes an outer view helps too.