Cool game! I wish there was only combat for bosses, the general enemy combat was more annoying than enjoayble but most of the bosses were extremely fun. Puzzles were cool, just wish there were more throughout the game. Felt kinda end-loaded in that regard. Story seems neat, but there was only so much I was able to gather in a non-100% playthrough. The language and manual are very fun to decipher, although I do wish there were some way to keep notes in-game. I suppose that may be an intentional choice as the entire manual mechanic harkens back to what boomers will tell you they had to do when playing Zelda 1. In that way Tunic creates a kind of game that's very difficult to find in the modern day, and I think that's something really special. Basically the only parts of this game I really didn't like were the combat, which I found to be pretty unbearable against certain extremely common enemies. Tunic is a pretty good study in realizing that not every game needs to have enemies and combat all the time. Good game though.

Reviewed on Jan 18, 2023