This game is just thoroughly uninteresting to me. Nothing here really works all that well, but it isn't terrible either. Music is mostly whatever but really repetitive. Combat is very barebones, the story isn't very interesting, character designs aren't good, dungeons are pretty lame. There's just not much of anything here.

This game's got some neat ideas, but this is a ROUGH start to the 3d series. Dungeons are pretty tedious with an abhorrent encounter rate, a lot of the regular enemies are not very fun to fight, and there's not much I liked except the boss battles. It's charming, and jumping back and forth from the present and future leads to a lot of creativity, but this game is just tedious and frustrating, and I doubt I'll finish it anytime soon.

"They don't call me Sherlosi Comes for nothin" "I ain't nothin but a hound dog" SHUT UP


Great story and presentation, but the combat gets pretty dull and repetitive. I found one strategy that worked a few hours in and never needed to deviate from it, which made battles get very stale. Plus the story is split into two different types, one of which I found dramatically less interesting.

I don't know how they tricked me into liking a warehouse job, but they did.

This review contains spoilers

After playing through 8 Metroid games, 5 of them being from the mainline series, I am ecstatic to say that Metroid Dread is the best Metroid game to date. I don't know how the devs known for the weird non metroidvania castlevania games made the best Metroid game, but they somehow did. The pacing of this game insane, never a dull moment. Nothing is lingered on for long, and constant new areas and ideas are fleshed out in a relatively short game compared to other titans of the genre like Hollow Knight and Ori 2.
There is almost nothing here to complain about. The game has stunning visuals that not only make Metroid look the best it ever has, but with the advantage of the 3D background, the game can tell the player things just by looking at their surroundings. Future bosses are hinted at, areas soon to be explored are shown, and much more. The movement and controls have never felt better. The 360 aiming is amazing, and I am going to have a hard time going back to older control schemes of the series. The speed Samus moves is perfect and she never feels slow. This combined with the dash ability which is a joy to use, and the genius slide they added that obliterates those slow moments with the morphball make for one of the fastest paced metroidvanias out there. The music is pretty great as well. Area themes are pretty good, but the big standout here is the boss themes. The string work on some tracks are MEGA bangers, especially the final boss theme. Speaking of bosses, every single unique boss is really good, some being the best in the franchise. There is one repeated kind of boring battle, but they ramp up in difficulty as well as it being fun to get better and faster at.
It is hard to find concrete complaints for this game as it is one of the most polished games I have ever played. Mercury Steam has added so much to the Metroid franchise with just 2 entries into the franchise. I am begging and hoping they get to make another Metroid game in the series again because they are amazing.

Don't worry about the gameplay