Haha, car goes vroom vroom, at the time of this review, I bought it for $3 and I must say some things:
1- I can beat all the Milky Way with a damn Mini Cooper.
2- Graphics wise is looks super clean, with the Las Vegas theme it makes it better
3- Drift and driving physics are well done and I'm prone to crashing into walls XD.
4- A quite competent open world, many collectibles, things to do... you entertain yourself with that.
5- Multiple variants of cars, driftting, racing, off-road, etc, etc, etc
1- there is a gacha involved (Typical EA), improving your car depends on the gacha, you spin a wheel and you get something that can be used for the car... or not, that subtracts a point.
Anyway... as a funny bald guy said in a car movie... "I don't have friends, I have family"
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Reviewed on Sep 08, 2022