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December 16, 2022

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Extremely mixed on this one. The atmosphere and eventual reveals about the story are fantastic, as are a lot of the puzzles and especially the map itself. However, the game is burdened by a lot of weird choices and frustrating design elements. Combat is extremely clunky, even more so than the actual resident evil games that inspired it, and the limited inventory space is a huge hassle as you constantly run back to the same room over and over to solve puzzles. Getting new weapons is never really that exciting since you can only realistically carry one at a time, plus ammo. The story can also definitely be a bit too cryptic for its own good. It's basically impossible to piece together what's actually going on until the very end, which makes a lot of the story up until that point really frustrating and confusing in a bad way. Plus, the requirements for the different endings are just insane to me, and punishing speedrunners by giving them the worst endings just seems really mean and cynical. I might like this more if I play it again, because there really is some fantastic stuff in here, but it's just frustrating enough that I can't rate it any higher in good conscience.