I put off playing this for years cause, like, there's no way it's actually as good as everybody says it is
How foolish I was

Stumbling my way into the tower when it really felt like I shouldn't have been there yet is honestly a candidate for gaming moment of the year so far

Luke from Streets is real and he is my gym buddy

Your grandma's a toilet, dummy!


I think the core game here is really fun, as is a lot of its wackier ideas. Throwing you against an army of newt men for exactly one level and then never mentioning it again is just fantastic, as are the splashes of fantastical whimsy contrasted against the harsh industrial setting. But, unfortunately, I think those moments are too few and far between. Most of the game is just going through areas that all look and feel the same. I think I could genuinely remember only a handful of individual levels since they all look alike and ask you to do roughly the same thing. The weapons all felt pretty uninspired as well, with the only real interesting ones (the crossbow and especially the Lightning Gun) feeling strangely underutilized. Again, the core game here is a lot of fun, but its levels, weapons, and encounters lack a level of variety that would have pushed it from good to great.

I feel like if I bought this for 60 dollars I'd be really mad but since I got it for like 8 bucks I think it was fine

Love the atmosphere in the first half, love the silliness in the rest. Story's kinda convoluted and never really pays off the excellent opening hours, but this is an extremely solid RE game overall. Plus has some great DLC, with the hilarious monster-punching of End of Zoe being so stupid and wild that I desperately hope we see Joe again in RE9

At first I thought my life was a Super Lesbian Animal Tragedy, now I realize it's a Super Lesbian Animal Comedy


I don't know how I could possibly review this but I played the absolute hell out of this when I was younger and still think it was a decent tool to get kids interested in game development

Basically impossible to enjoy if you haven't already been playing it for like a decade


Love when game companies randomly decide to remind me that games are allowed to be awesome