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A neat distraction but this is exactly the kind of game that gets boring for me really fast. Combat-focused experiences aren't really my thing and Hades hasn't done much to sway my opinion.



It's a good game but as a rougelike i found myself replaying it way less than Dead Cells, Slay the Spire and Issac, the game has interesting dialogue system but the runs feel identical to each other, there's not enough rng and tools to make each run feel different.
Bosses, rooms and items are mostly the same.

fun for once in a while with friends but very repetitive

Returnal is as good at action game mechanics as it is bad at roguelite structure.

Some people are calling this overrated which is very funny, as i consider this the most underrated RPG of the decade, its barely played and known when compared to its peers, and the sheer amount of depth and details in its gameplay and rpg mechanics makes most modern rpgs on the market pale on comparison.
The combat is super engaging and dynamic and allows for multiple solutions, i lost count to how many hours i played it.
The story however is generic, but albeit its well presented with good voice acting and funny writing.
Powerhouse of RPG and i can't wait to see what Larian will do with Baldur's Gate 3.

The best written main character of potentially all of media, I think.

Exhaustively excessive. That final third easily could have been chopped in half and the pacing would've been all the better for it. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better even if its innovative systems and enemy varieties are welcomed. Otherwise design of environments and demons is top notch. It’s gorgeously presented and thrilling when it needs to be but overall ill conceived. Feels like too much of a good thing.

fantastic fast forward button just an incredible fast forward button never seen innovation at this level before hats off to the fast forward button what an incredible feature

The greatest Fromsoftware game. Anyone who argues with me will unfortunately be depicted as the crying wojak, while i have already drawn myself as the big muscular chad. Checkmate.

A fairly nice and relaxing game to play each day, but.... I ended up dropping it and I'm not really that much wanting to go back, which speaks for itself I think

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