Why is everything so fucking clunky. Eivor feels so heavy, moving around in this game without killing myself is the worst I've ever had to do in a videogame. Also the controls sucks balls

Apart from the incredibly long and boring prologue, the game becomes super fun once you start unlocking new weapons and powers.
The loop system isn't complicated at all but following the story and completing some of the puzzles is way too hard tbh.
Overall good game but definitely the weakest among the modern Arkane games, I'll wait for Dishonored 3.

It gets repetitive really soon and has the menu structure of a free-to-play game. Decent with friends but nothing special.

I was loving this until the 2nd Biome, super fun gameplay and smooth controls, but I'm just not willing to invest so much of my free time on it.
The thing I hate the most in Rogue-likes is repetitiveness and you're telling me that I have to basically make 2 hours runs every time I die?
The rogue-like structure of the game is terrible, permanent progress isn't much so every run just feels like a huge chore especially because they are all the EXACT SAME, there's little to no variations to the stuff you find compared to Isaac or Hades.
I died at the first try of the 2nd boss when he was at 1hp and instead of saying "fuck, I'll try one more time" I just wanted to kill myself.
One day I'll find a rogue-like that doesn't frustrate me after a couple of hours...

Good idea realized pretty well with an interesting story telling. Had fun but got too repetitive for how anxious it makes me so I dropped it at like day 15

This is worse than FIFA, at least EA tries to change that shit a bit every year. 2k has been the EXACT SAME since 2018 and they only made it worse year by year. But this one is the cherry on top. Scoring is impossible, you have to green every single shot or it's not going in and everyone feels sluggish and clunky. Mycareer is just filler cringe stuff that it's forced down your throat, and my team is way too grindy for anyone who has a life. I don't know what to say, I didn't think it could get even worse. Waste of money.

Unfortunately Demon's Souls hasn't aged well. I feel like Bluepoint should've changed way more things than they did; this game is more than 10 years old, of course a lot of mechanics are gonna be bad and old. Some like changes wouldn't have touched the "original experience": major quality of life changes were necessary (like the atrocious inventory carry weight); and they could've added way more armour sets and weapons (that weren't limited to pre-orders...). And let's be honest the world tendency system is just straight up garbage and frustrating; that shit literally ruins entire runs after one mistake. Other aspects of the game like the enemy AI, bosses and level design are just products of its time so there's not a lot to say about that. I was left pretty disappointed unfortunately, nothing really clicked for me here.

Wow the story is such a huge step down compared to Spider-Man PS4, was it written by a 16 years old kid? Miles is basically a young Peter Parker pretending to be black and the other characters are forgettable at best. This definitely doesn't have enough content or additions to justify full price, it's short even for a stand-alone DLC. The gameplay was just more of the same, except for the swinging which improved a lot, so I still had a lot of fun. Going to have like 80 hours on this cause I'll come back every couple of weeks to swing around until Spider-Man 2 comes out.

Act 1 and Act 2 are incredible, but the rest of the game is visibly rushed. I almost dropped it at the Nameless Isle but kept going to see where the story was going. Unfortunately Arx wasn't that good either, it completely lost the magic of the first half of the game and started to become a drag since I feel the game is a bit too long. The final fight was especially trash and badly designed, and it lead to unsatisfying endings. At the end I feel like the game is a bit too long (finished in 75 hours after doing basically everything), the combat especially becomes worse and worse with time: once all your characters have a build you like all fights become slightly repetitive; melee becomes more trash with time until it reaches a point where it's completely useless; and enemies just start to be super tanky guys that one shot you. But overall it's a really good and ambitious game, with a fun combat system that should've been more balanced (physical / magical armour split sucks and melee builds are useless compared to ranged). With a bigger budget and more attention to inconsistencies this would've been better but I appreciate that games like this can still be made in this market and I hope Larian will make another leap in quality with Baldur's Gate 3.

This game is so forgettable, way worse than Unity in so many aspects

Combat is clunky, build variety is a joke, the story is just basic anime garbage, and a few maps have some of the worst level design I've ever seen in a game. Honestly though, I didn't hate it and had fun, probably because I played it a lot with friends.


Loved it on PS4, finished it and completed a shit ton of endgame side missions (the ones that weren't basically impossible without having maxed out stats). But when replaying it on PC a couple of years later, I just wanted to kill myself after a while. It's crazy how quickly it becomes repetitive, and the artificial difficulty is incredibly frustrating. Still the best non-From Software souls like, which shows how hard it is to get this genre right.

Controller doesn't work and keyboard controls are atrocious. Also really repetitive, I'm not wasting any more of my time

Thank god I don't have to sit through those cringe weeb dialogues. The gameplay is cool but for what it offers the game is definitely too long. I dropped it but I feel like I didn't miss out on anything.

Absolutely incredible, it's crazy how well this masterpiece aged