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Absolutely hilarious this game caused any kind of culture war. It's perfectly fine. Gamers continue being pathetic losers.

In many ways a step back when compared to Botw. In many ways its just Botw again. Theres very little about this game that justifies its existence as a separate entity from breath of the wild.
The story doesnt acknowledge the events of the past game, almost feels like its gaslighting me. Combat remains uninspired and boring considering you have 3 weapons types and a bow. Flurry rush spam is still the best way to kill anything and is easily abusable.
The fusing system is a neat addition, but thats all it is. Its a nice new toy to play with that gets boring after a couple hours, especially after you learn how to make a hoverbike and learn you dont need to ever create anything else.
The map is almost the exact same with a couple sky islands that would barely qualify as DLC for the first game. Very few new enemies, and the Sages are incredibly terrible.
Botw was a breath of fresh air and a brand new direction in a series that allegedly was starting to become stale after repeating the exact same formula so many times. Feels like nintendo is falling back into the same pattern again.
To sum it up, its just worse botw with a a few new gimmicks. Boring and uninspired. Feels like a DLC that became a standalone game. Makes me wonder why they bothered

You don't owe forgiveness to the people who wronged you in your life, but you still are able to move forward and start anew. The cycle of hatred and tragedy will ultimately benefit no one the further and further it goes on. It's not easy to do all of this alone however, especially if you were mistreated by many people in your life. One day though you will find someone who will sympathize and give you the empathy you've needed for years. They can help and reach out their hand to pull you out of the darkness you've been swallowed up by. The people who did do you wrong and their actions can never be excused and it's understandable if they aren't, but knowing the whole truth and the different perspectives can put everything together. The point is to release, not to destroy anymore.

Awful game. I'm convinced anyone who praises it hasn't played it and just thinks the concept seems cool.
To start off: the controls. Really creative and i can see potential here but they end up being your greatest enemy. Having to aim and move the camera at the same time makes for unnecessarily hard combat. Movement also feels unresponsive since dodging, dashig and walking are all the samr input, the game expects you to be able to do all three correctly at the right times while fighting the camera and aiming at the same time, all of this results in dashing when you don't want to, doing a dodge attack with a lot of recovery when you don't want to, getting hit by an enemy behind you which you can't reasonably see in time since you are fighting an army in front of, and hitting proximity melee attacks with a lot of recovery and momentum. In summary, fights feel less like fighting enemies and more trying to make Pit do what you want him to do. Air sections don't have these problems of course but they are not flawless. The main problem here is the clutters of enemies sent your way which makes the shots harder to see and dodge, worse part being the fact that 90% of enemy shots are homing and multiple times enemies appear so close so suddenly as to make shots undodgeable. Also some weapons just don't work for aerial sections not because of lack of power but lack of range, which is an implicit stat, not something you can easily see before buying or fusing.
Speaking of weapons, the system sucks, it's nice that there's variety but at the end of the day close range sucks and the most valuable stat is a low charge, something which you cannot know until you spend resources to get the weapon, so if you get particularly unlucky you could use a great weapon that might not have strong stats for the next missions and then get a strong weapon with awful charge time.
Regarding difficulty, the way it works is interesting, having to bet money to play harder difficulties and get more rewards. But why does it have to lower each time you die? You end up always resetting so you can get the difficulty you actually want, it discourages making mistakes and learning from them and encourages just lowering the difficulty.
Awful, terribly designed game that had a lot of potential.

Nintendo has outdone themselves by making an aiming system worse than the one they made over twenty years ago with Pikmin 1. Please make all of my decisions for me, Nintendo. I was stupid for ever wanting any semblance of control over the cursor, please play the game for me, and do so very poorly!
Lacking fluidity in many of its systems; constant interruptions combined with constant cursor jumping combined with constant radio chatter make this one of the most annoying games Nintendo has put out in a while.
I'm still really enjoying it, but WOW do I hate being treated like a toddler at every opportunity. Just let me CHOOSE to turn off some messages or the auto target.

Majora's Mask 3D is a good remake when you don't have some weirdo telling you it's a bad remake because they watched one youtube video and made it their whole thought process. The changes don't ruin the experience unless you're some Zelda superfan, and even then as a Zelda superfan myself, whom has played the N64 original to hell and back, I think they're fine. Plus, the QoL changes are too good to pass up. If I had to recommend one version, it would be this one.

Say this game is a bad remake and i'll punch you in the fucking mouth

these blobs can fucking sing!
We lost something culturally when a studio that put a swarm of blobs whose mouths match the vocals in the game music gets shutdown to fund games that poorly ape Hollywood. And hollywood isn't even good in the first place!
This isn't the most fun or innovative or wild game ever made yknow. But it's a game which seeps with joy, acknowledgment of the medium, and totally whips aesthetically.

Went here expecting a psychological horror and got the horniest script ever written by a man

they still didnt make lady playable + theres no lady and nico *** scene
mid tbh

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